slipped discMore and more, people in Charlotte, NC, are seeking chiropractic care for a herniated or slipped disc. This condition is most often the result of deterioration in the spine, causing the discs that cushion the small spinal vertebrae to bulge or rupture. An injured disc compromises the ability of the spine to protect the nerves running along the spinal cord, interfering with normal movement. When you consider that the full functioning of your spine and central nervous system are essential to a normal and healthy life, you know that a slipped disc requires more than simple back pain treatment.

Causes of slipped or bulging discs

There are several factors that can cause a disc to compress or bulge. One is the aging process. As tissue loses its elasticity and its ability to retain liquid, it naturally becomes susceptible to rupture or strain. Environmental factors, such as poor nutrition or smoking, can also weaken the discs and lead to compression. Exceptionally tall or overweight people are at risk for a slipped disc, as well, because of extra weight demands placed on their spines. Also, a severe fall can help create a herniated disc.

Chiropractic care for a slipped disc

One of the first signs of a possible slipped disc is numbness in your back, legs, buttocks, neck, or arms, relative to the location of your herniated disc. Depending on the severity of your disc injury, the condition could lead to recurring back pain, or even cause permanent injury to other parts of your back and spine if it is not corrected. Once your Charlotte chiropractor locates the injured disc, he or she can effectively design a treatment plan that will not only address your pain but also help your spine to accommodate your injured disc until it can heal. Chiropractic care for a slipped disc can take time, but the benefits of a return to a fully functioning spine and central nervous system are well worth the effort.

Chiropractic care for slipped disc vs. traditional medicine

Generally, traditional doctors treat compressed discs with medication to decrease swelling and drugs to manage pain, but they do little to increase healing of the injured disc. Consequently, many of these patients are later told that surgery is their only option. In fact, early chiropractic care is generally more effective than traditional medical treatment in managing the pain of your slipped disc, and it also works with your body to help ruptured discs to heal.

Preventing slipped disc still the best cure

Although chiropractic care for a slipped disc can be highly effective, prevention is still the best option. It is important, especially as we age, to exercise on a regular basis. Maintaining full body motion helps to keep your body healthy, and it also helps lower the likelihood that a disc in your spine will harden and break. A regular exercise regimen also strengthens the muscles in your back, providing extra support to your spine.  Your Charlotte chiropractor can help you learn proper biomechanics that avoid back injury.

A slipped disc does not have to signal the end of your active lifestyle. Follow the example of other Charlotte, NC, patients, and seek chiropractic care today. You can count on Charlotte chiropractors like those at ChiroCarolina® for effective treatment and information on how to avoid a herniated or slipped disc in the future.


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