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In Charlotte NC, herniated disc and chiropractic care are often used in the same sentence, especially when the chiropractic care is received at ChiroCarolina®.  As with all chiropractic care, when you choose treatment with a Charlotte chiropractor for your herniated disc, the back pain treatment is non-surgical. Chiropractic care can help patients in pain find relief that traditional physicians sometimes cannot manage without surgery, or medication, and in some cases chiropractic care has provided an effective alternative to surgery. What is a bulging disc? In between each vertebra of your spine, you have discs which act as shock absorbers and shock distributors. Without these discs, walking, leaning, bending, twisting, or any other movement of your back would be impossibly painful. Your discs are made up of a tough outer layer and a soft, gelatin-like center. When cracks occur in the outer layer of the disc, the material inside of the disc can begin to bulge, or even rupture. Bulging, or herniating, causes the disc to take up more room than it should, causing you a lot of pain. Numerous factors can cause a disc to herniate. What causes a bulging disc? There are many causes of a herniated disc, but it all comes down to this:  one of the cushions between your spinal vertebrae pushes out, or even ruptures. An injury such as a car accident which puts pressure on a disc, wear and tear on the spine due to age or the excess weight we carry around, or a combination of injury and degenerative wear and tear can all cause a bulging disc. Disc herniation can cause pressure, a pinching of the nerves running through your spinal cord, or irritation to the nerve, all of which bring severe pain. How does chiropractic back pain treatment differ from traditional medical care? Herniated disc and chiropractic care is a fine example of how chiropractors can help you manage pain when other types of medicine have failed. While many back pain treatments offered by traditional medicine can give temporary relief, they rarely provide any long-term relief because their pain management goal is simply to relieve the pain. Chiropractic care of a bulging disc focuses on lessening the cause of the pain, adjusting and strengthening your spine to relieve irritation and swelling. While this method can sometimes take a little longer to relieve symptoms, the benefits are definitely more long term. How do chiropractors treat herniated disc problems? Chiropractic care for a herniated disc involves realigning your spine, which must function at its highest capacity for holistic health and well-being. Initially, your chiropractic back pain treatment will include ice and a traction technique which focuses on reducing pressure and swelling within the bulging disc. When swelling and pressure are reduced, the protruding material which irritates, pinches, or compresses the nerves in your spine is also reduced, thereby reducing your pain. Once the pain begins to subside, chiropractic realignment, which helps to restore natural function to your spine, begins. Using gentle adjustment techniques, your Charlotte chiropractor slowly restores natural movement, and irritation and swelling subsides further. Herniated disc and chiropractic care produces positive results in most patients, all without surgery or pain medication and its potential for adverse side effects. Your chiropractor can also help you learn better nutrition and exercise modalities to improve your overall health. If herniated disc and chiropractic care makes sense to you, visit or call ChiroCarolina®. Take charge of your medical care and make an appointment with a caring and gentle Charlotte chiropractor. When you consider options between traditional treatment of back pain related to a herniated disc and chiropractic care, make the choice that aims for a long-term solution at ChiroCarolina®.


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