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Charlotte chiropractic recommends sunlight for your health

DSC 0189 Charlotte chiropractic recommends sunlight for your healthChiropractic care in Charlotte is natural

Charlotte chiropractic care is a natural and pain free way to gain optimal health, and Charlotte chiropractors purport that moderate use of sunlight has amazing health benefits. Since the beginning of time humans seemed to realize that the sun was not just essential for warmth; but that it also offered life-giving properties. Modern science reveals that the best known benefit of sunlight is its capacity for boosting our vitamin D supply. Furthermore, there are at least 1,000 different genes that are now thought to be regulated by Vitamin D3, which is the active form of the vitamin. This is a critical vitamin for the metabolism of calcium, normal neuromuscular function, and immune system function.

The benefits of sunlight

Studies reveal that the majority of cases of vitamin D deficiency are directly related to the lack of outdoor exposure to the sun. The Vitamin D deficiency has been proven to increase the risk for many common cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, some forms of diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. Charlotte chiropractic care is holistic care and Vitamin D is essential for your overall health and well-being. Maintaining a normal vitamin D status should be a priority as part of holistic healthcare. Consider the following list of reasons why moderate exposure to the sun is good for your health:

  1. Sunlight helps improve your mood – Sunlight aids in the synthesis of endorphins and can be used as therapy for cases of chronic or acute depression.
  1. Sunlight helps prevent insomnia – Moderate exposure to daylight sun can increase melatonin production, which allows you to drift into sleep more easily at night.
  1. Sunlight helps to fight off cancer – Although some forms of skin cancer have been associated with overexposure to the sun, there are r cancers that researchers believe could be the result of too little exposure to sunlight. Those who living at the higher latitudes are believed to be at increased risk of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, as well as strains of breast, ovarian, colon, pancreatic, prostate, and other cancers, as compared to those who live at the lower latitudes.
  1. Sunlight helps strengthen bones – The primary purpose of Vitamin D is to maintain normal calcium and phosphorous levels in the body, which supports the majority of metabolic functions, neuromuscular transmission, and supply of minerals to the bones.
  1. Sunlight helps treat skin disorders – Skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis can be controlled and possibly cured through controlled exposure to the sun.

The laundry list of benefits from sunlight exposure is a long one. Sunlight has been proven to kill microbes, balance metabolism through stimulation of the thyroid gland, and ease the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Is it any wonder that we all look forward to summer sun and longer days?

The best chiropractic care in Charlotte

Obtaining optimal health can be a very serious issue and your Charlotte chiropractor has the answers that can greatly improve your spinal health and overcome the causes of negative effects on your health. It is crucially important to see your Charlotte Chiropractor as your professional source for good health.

ChiroCarolina chiropractors of Charlotte, NC diagnoses and treats every patient individually. They take into account the unique and underlying factors that have an effect on the patient. Their goal is to help everyone achieve optimal health. Call them today to schedule an appointment to receive the best Charlotte Chiropractic care for a long and purposeful life.


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Are you hurt in a Charlotte slip and fall accident

DSC 1604 Are you hurt in a Charlotte slip and fall accidentSeek Charlotte chiropractic care is you are hurt

Are you hurt in a slip and fall accident and might need chiropractic care? The most common causes of injuries are often the results of as a slip and fall accidents. A slip and fall can be caused by everything from slick and slippery surfaces to hazardous steps and stairs. Those who are involved in slip and fall injuries can experience trauma to bones, dislocated joints, torn muscles and ligaments, even traumatic brain injury. The best case scenarios mean that the sufferers will have to deal with moderate to severe pain.

When your injuries are severe, they become a source of chronic pain and limited movement. The best Charlotte chiropractors have treated patients from all walks of life, from the very active, to those who are old and frail. They are experts at treating many different types of injuries that occur from   slip and fall accidents. The first step is to perform an in-depth evaluation and to determine the underlying cause and deliver targeted treatment.

Gentle and natural care

Chiropractic care focuses on problems with the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. It is perfectly suited for the treatment of slip and fall injuries, including sprains and strains, neck and back pain, or actually any pain that affects your joints. Spinal adjustments are gentle, they are non-invasive, and they offer safe and effective pain relief by increasing range of motion. Spinal adjustments also help to increase the body’s natural ability to heal itself. In addition to spinal adjustments, chiropractic care naturally provides pain relief to those parts of the body that are susceptible to injuries from slip and fall accidents such as the knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, and shoulders.

Trust Chiropractic care to guide you through the recovery process

Studies have shown that chiropractic care is highly effective, and it also speeds up the recovery time that is necessary to improve the overall health of each patient. Spinal adjustments are complemented with other treatment options such as rehabilitative exercises, massage therapy, and dietary supplements. Chiropractic doctors are very careful to explain all of the treatment options that are best suited for your particular case; and they go to great lengths to ensure that every patient receives personalized care.

Chiropractic care in Charlotte for slips and fall injuries

In the event that you should suffer a fall, be sure to seek the appropriate medical help as soon as possible. Even if you do not think that you have been hurt, it is advisable that you see your chiropractor so that he or she can check for any injuries that may be the result of your slip or fall. It is quite common that symptoms or signs of injury are not present until days or even weeks later.

When it comes to follow-up care for slip and fall injuries, ChiroCarolina is your premier Charlotte Chiropractor. Their staff and doctors will work hard to provide the best possible information and treatments to help you get back to a normal and pain free lifestyle. Are you hurt and you want the quality chiropractic care that patients have received for so many years; call their office and schedule an appointment today.


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Charlotte chiropractic care for weight loss

DSC 0185 Charlotte chiropractic care for weight lossRoutine fun for weight loss- consult your Charlotte chiropractor for care

Charlotte chiropractic care is all about achieving optimal health through natural and holistic care. When it comes to weight loss, Charlotte’s best chiropractor believes that your approach should be natural and fun. No surgeries, no pills or shots, just common sense and a routine that is fun. You will be surprised at how fast excess weight can be lost.

The daily routine of raising your kids and caring for the family can make it seem impossible to exercise for an hour every day. In addition, the pressure to exercise can feel a little overwhelming and frustrating if you work hard and fail to make your goal it is easy to become discouraged. In order to lose weight you will need to make some changes in diet and exercise. Here are some easy changes that you can incorporate in your daily life in an effort to make a difference in how you look and feel. The secret to success is to keep it simple and make it fun.

Jumpstart your day – We mean skipping rope… jump ropes are not just child play. Jumping rope is a fun and fast way to get some cardiovascular exercise. Jumping rope is easy; it burns calories, and works every muscle group. Just do it for 5 minutes every morning or before you shower at night. You will be surprised how much it will energize you.

Walk with your best friend – That is, man’s best friend. Take your dog for a walk every day. Studies have actually shown that people, who walk their dog 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, lost an average of 14 pounds in a year. This is such an easy way to become more active. Do not forget to take your music player to help you keep a healthy pace. If you do not have a dog, perhaps you have a neighbor or friend who would like to join you.

Drink plenty of water – Drinking water can help curb your appetite and leave you feeling more energetic. You can flavor your water by adding some lemon or orange slices, or you can add some juice. Herbal tea can be a nice change of pace if you get bored with water. Another excellent choice for hydration is coconut water. Just remember that staying hydrated may be the most important element in helping you lose weight.

Get plenty of sleep – Sleep deprivation actually increases your cravings for food. Do not neglect your need for ample rest if you want to slim down. Make a conscious effort to get to bed early. You will immediately find yourself happy and alert in the morning.

You do not need fancy workout clothing or workout equipment like weights, mats, or steps. You will not need to join an expensive gym or spa. Simply plan and set reachable goals; have fun, and before you know it you could be feeling and looking better.

The best chiropractic care in Charlotte

The need to lose weight can be a very serious issue and your Charlotte chiropractor has the answers that can greatly improve your health and overcome the negative effects of excess weight on your body. It is crucially important to see your Charlotte Chiropractor as your professional source for good health.

ChiroCarolina chiropractors of Charlotte, NC diagnoses and treats every patient individually. They take into account the unique and underlying factors that have an effect on the patient. Their goal is to help everyone achieve optimal health. Call them today to schedule an appointment to receive the best Charlotte Chiropractic care for weight loss.


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The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Women

ID 10038310 300x199 The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Women

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Chiropractic care offers many benefits to those who get regular adjustments. Women, most especially, can benefit from this kind of treatments since it targets pain and conditions that usually target women.

Many women complain about premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual cramps, chronic pelvic pain, and really bad headaches that are usually due to high levels of stress. With regular visits to a chiropractic clinic, all those conditions and pains can be managed. Aside from offering relief, chiropractic care is also known for preparing women for pregnancy and childbirth. Moreover, with women being more likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease, osteoporosis and arthritis, chiropractic treatment can benefit them by reducing pain and decreasing the likelihood of further deterioration.

Pain management and prevention of certain conditions or illnesses is possible through spinal adjustments, which result in normal nerve functions and communication.

For more information about the benefits of chiropractic care, please visit http://chirocarolinacharlotte.com or give us a call at 704-598-8040.


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Have you been in an accident while skiing or snowboarding?

DSC 1541 Have you been in an accident while skiing or snowboarding?Tips to avoid injuries and prevent accidents

Have you ever been in an accident while skiing or snowboarding? Protective equipment such as helmets and padding can prevent disastrous and even fatal accidents. Studies have shown that helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 60 percent. Something is better than nothing, but it is best to wear the proper helmet. Different helmets are designed for specific activities, so it is not wise to wear a bike helmet on the slopes. The use of wrist guards, elbow, and knee pads are also a good idea; especially if you ski moguls or snowboard in terrain parks.

Stay alert and rested

It is a proven fact that a significant number of accidents occur towards the end of the day. Accidents are very likely to happen when skiers and snowboarders are tired and fatigued. Remember that the situation is made worse at the end of the day because the slopes are usually packed and icy, they are crowded, and there might be bare spots in the snow. All of these conditions can create the perfect recipe for a fall.

Charlotte chiropractic treatment for ski accidents

Many are reluctant to consider chiropractic care for ski and snowboarding injuries, but in actuality, chiropractic treatment is a natural and gentle process. The top Charlotte chiropractors at ChiroCarolina will also use the best rehabilitative exercises to help you return to your pre-injury status. Improve your quality of life. Visit Charlotte’s best chiropractor at ChiroCarolina for more information if you have been in an accident on the slopes.


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Proper treatment when you have been injured

DSC 1505 Proper treatment when you have been injuredAn effective response for those who are injured

When you are injured, it is important to be evaluated by one of Charlotte’s top chiropractors. If injuries are not treated properly, you can hinder your recovery or even make it worse. In order to avoid something like a simple bruise becoming something far worse, use the following methods for a more effective recovery.

Are you injured?

At the outset, injury is more frustrating than it is painful. One moment you are mentally and physically focused for the task at hand; and the next moment you have lost full function of a joint or muscle, hindered by pain, and worrying about unknown damage. This is the case whether you injure yourself at home, during athletic competition, or in a car accident.

Help when you are hurt

If handled incorrectly, an injury can go from being resolved by patience and light therapy, to something that can be career ending, or a source of chronic pain from the rest of your life. Chiropractors recommend that you use the R-I-C-E method for proper treatment of injuries. R-I-C-E is an acronym to help remind patients of the steps that are necessary to lessen swelling and facilitate the natural healing of soft tissues. Consider the following: Rest – is usually the hardest step for active people to follow. Even with modern technology and effective therapies, there is no such thing as a miracle cure that will help you recover faster than your body is willing to heal. Without rest, you risk re-aggravating your injury, which will only extend your healing time or even make the injury worse. Ice – cooling the tissues with ice reduces swelling and also relieves pain when applied correctly. For the best results, apply ice to the injured area for 20 minutes, and then remove the ice for at least 30 minutes. Be sure to insulate the ice bag with towel to protect your skin from the risk of frost bite. Compression – Compression is crucial, as it effectively reduces swelling when ice is not being applied. It is comprised of wrapping the injury in an elastic bandage or tape that is available at just about any pharmacy. Be sure to wrap the injury so that movement is restricted but circulation is not cut off. Elevate – Elevation is one important element that people most easily overlook. Elevating an injury allows for quick removal of fluids and waste products from the injury while increasing circulation of oxygenated blood to aid the healing process. If you use the R-I-C-E method for a short period of time, you can help your injury begin the healing process faster. It is important to be patient and observe your injury as it heals. Be sure to have all injuries evaluated by getting the best Charlotte chiropractic care.

The best Charlotte chiropractic treatment for injury

Do not guess about the seriousness of your injury. The doctors at ChiroCarolina are experts at the diagnosis and treatment of injured patients. ChiroCarolina provides numerous treatment modalities to aid in the healing of your injuries. It is time to improve your quality of life. If you have been injured, call their office to experience the top chiropractors for Charlotte, NC.


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Chiropractic treatment for runners who are injured

DSC 1608 Chiropractic treatment for runners who are injured Are you injured?

If you have been injured while running or jogging, you need to see a Charlotte chiropractor to get back on the road. Most patients will convince themselves that it is just soreness at first; and when they finally realize that the pain was more than just soreness, they have made the injury worse because they failed to address the problem that could have been corrected with physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises. You found some pain relief with medication, but when you try to return to your normal level of activity, you wonder if you will ever get back to your “normal” level ever again. The desire to get back out and run effectively is why many runners have chosen alternative treatment for rehabilitation from a sports chiropractor.

Visit a Charlotte chiropractor for running injuries

Many athletes and runners have started to rely on chiropractors with a background in sports medicine. Physical therapy plays an important role by focusing on returning strength and coordination, while chiropractic care is intended to improve mobilization by making sure that all the affected joints are moving correctly.

The best Charlotte chiropractic care

The best Charlotte chiropractic care incorporates the best of both therapies in order to improve both joint mobilization and to repair soft tissue. Chiropractic care for sports injuries has become the gold standard of natural and effective treatment for patients with sports related injuries. The best chiropractors in Charlotte will tell you that not only do your joints need to move correctly, but they also need to move in coordination with the soft tissues.

What to expect

Runners who choose to visit a chiropractor for sports injuries should expect a thorough evaluation of their bio-mechanics and several points of function such as how they are moving, how they stand, the arch of their feet, as well as the alignment of your spine, knees, legs, and hips. After the evaluation is complete, sports chiropractors will, create and develop an assortment of natural and pain free therapies that will be tailored to the needs of each specific patient. The chiropractor will employ a variety of treatment modalities including spinal adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy, and nutritional changes; all working together to help the body regenerate healthy cells, and get you back on your feet.

Chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC

If you are dealing with chronic pain from soft tissue sports injury, consider ChiroCarolina is your Charlotte chiropractor. Their trained chiropractors, Dr. Rice, Dr. Saario, and Dr. Ali are passionate about relieving pain and providing high quality care for patients with chronic or acute conditions. ChiroCarolina delivers excellent chiropractic care to countless runners in North Carolina. If you have been injured while running or jogging, call their office to schedule a free consultation.


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Charlotte chiropractic care as a popular alternative for healthcare

DSC 1548 Charlotte chiropractic care as a popular alternative for healthcareCharlotte chiropractic care

The majority of Carolinians depend on traditional medicine for healthcare solutions, but record numbers of patients are turning to Charlotte chiropractic care as a natural and holistic way to treat their pain and health problems. In fact, chiropractors are some of the most popular alternative practitioners in the entire country. The best chiropractic care in Charlotte is especially effective at diagnosis and treatment of patients that have health problems that are related to the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, specifically the spine.

Chiropractic care and your spine

Chiropractic doctors understand that abnormalities in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems hinder the normal functions of the body, lowering your resistance to diseases. They also realize that improper alignment in the vertebrae or spine affects several important body functions by affecting the nervous system. Case after case confirms that misalignment in the spine is one of the moat common causes of the pain in our body.

Chiropractic care in Charlotte is holistic

The approach of chiropractors for the treatment of their patients is very holistic. They are expressly concerned about achieving the overall wellness and health of their patients. This is another reason for the increase in chiropractic popularity, because patients understand that there are many factors that influence our health, such as diet, exercise, environment, rest, and heredity to name a few. Traditional medicine has become so specialized that most medical practitioners are so specialized that their only focus is on the disease that they treat.

Drug free and natural care

Chiropractors provide drug free, nonsurgical, and natural treatments for their patients. They allow the body to recuperate or rely on its natural healing ability. The role of chiropractic care in Charlotte is to help the body recuperate faster in a safer and more effective method. Chiropractic doctors may also incorporate lifestyle changes in order to achieve the best results from the treatment, such as exercises, proper eating habits, getting proper sleep and rest, and more. The best chiropractors in Charlotte may also consult with other experts in their field, and they will refer patients to the most appropriate doctors if the patient has problem that are not within their scope. Chiropractic doctors follow a standard routine when dealing with their patients. They gather important information that includes the physical state, medical history, body chemistry, and any examinations necessary to accurately determine the condition and needs of their patient.

The best chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC

In view of all the natural benefits, it is understandable that more patients are seeking Charlotte chiropractic care for their health care. Chiropractic is extremely safe, effective, and natural care for adults and children. ChiroCarolina chiropractic clinic of Charlotte, NC, can be used to help patients who suffer with low back pain, neck pain, and many other symptoms and diseases. There is no reason to ignore your symptoms or to take medications for temporary relief. The ChiroCarolina approach involves gentle adjustments in the spine as well as diet and nutrition counseling and massage therapy. Call them today to schedule an appointment to discover the benefits of Charlotte chiropractic care.


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Ease Asthma Symptoms with Chiropractic Care

In the last two decades, we have seen an alarming increase of asthma cases in the United States by 60%. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that there are roughly 20 million Americans who suffer from asthma and that 5,000 of deaths a year are due to the condition.

There are many factors that cause asthma development and attacks. It can be due to genetics, air quality, food with preservatives, exposure to allergens that common home items have such as cleaning agents and carpets that contain formaldehyde preservatives, molds in the house and medications like antibiotics and vaccinations. Aside from all these, one usual culprit behind asthma attacks is stress.

This is why aside from medication given by a physician, people who suffer from asthma are encouraged to use relaxation techniques like yoga. Acupuncture and chiropractic adjustment are also said to relieve patients from asthma symptoms as these are said to improve bronchial hyper-activity and decrease asthma sensitivity.

Since asthma is a chronic condition, patients who suffer from it will live with it for the rest of their lives. However, with proper medication from an asthma specialist with the help of relaxation techniques and treatments like chiropractic care, asthma can be managed.

ChiroCarolina, a chiropractic clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, reaffirms the claim that chiropractic care can help ease asthma symptoms. Chiropractic manipulation has helped numerous of their patients deal with chronic conditions, such as back pain, headaches and asthma.

For more information on how chiropractic care can help asthma patients, visit http://chirocarolinacharlotte.com.


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Chiropractic care for those injured at work

DSC 1599 Chiropractic care for those injured at workThe fastest way to rehabilitate

If you have been injured at work, treatment from one of Charlotte’s best chiropractors is the fastest ways to rehabilitate. Their top priority is to get the injured worker back to their pre-accident performance so that they may return to work pain free and at full capacity. Chiropractic care is extremely effective in the treatment for both spinal injuries and injuries to the arms and legs.

Work related injury is a serious concern. Every year, work-related injuries are responsible for billions of dollars in lost productivity and wages. This includes medical costs and employer costs that are associated with millions of lost work hours each year. The most common cause of disability in workers who are younger than 45 is back pain. Improper lifting mechanics and hazardous environments all play a role in increasing the risk of workplace injury.

Chiropractic care is affordable and effective

Chiropractic care is recognized as one of the leading treatments for people injured at work. Studies reveal a significant decrease in the cost of care for individuals that are treated by chiropractors compared to those treated by traditional medicine. This includes the duration period of disability, which is also decreased when the patient receives chiropractic care. The largest study ever conducted on low back pain has determined that chiropractic care is the most effective treatment for low back pain. This explains the recent surge in so many injured individuals turning to chiropractic treatment.

The following are some of the most common reasons for workplace injuries:

Improper lifting techniques

Injury occurs when an employee is using poor technique to exert a great deal of force into a task, such as lifting, tossing, pulling, pushing, carrying, or holding heavy objects.

Motor vehicle accidents

When we think of workplace injury, motor vehicle accidents are not always our first thought. Injuries can occur if employees are struck by a motorized vehicle, or if they suffer a car/truck crash while traveling with a company vehicle. Motor vehicle accidents are plagued by head injuries, spinal injuries, and of course, whiplash from neck trauma.

Repetitive use injuries

When employees are required to perform the same actions over and over on a daily basis, repetitive strain injuries occur. For example, workers who sit at a desk and type all day can develop numbness and tingling in their arms and fingers.

The top chiropractors in Charlotte for employees injured at work

Chiropractors have the most training when it comes to dealing with skeletal and soft tissue injuries in the body. They use a variety of treatments and therapies designed to relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and improve mobility in order to prevent further injury. The doctors at ChiroCarolina use a combination of spinal manipulation and natural, drug free therapies that are ideal for returning to the workplace in the shortest timeframe, after ensuring an effective recovery. Soft tissue modalities include ultrasound, massage, stretching, and rehab exercises. If you have been injured at work, contact ChiroCarolina for care and recovery.



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