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Seeking chiropractic care for whiplash is often an excellent first option in care for people in Charlotte NC who have been in a collision accident. Whiplash is an insidious injury that is not always apparent right away after an accident, but can cause neck pain, or back pain, or pain in other joints if there has been nerve damage, or injury to ligaments or muscles. If you have your Charlotte chiropractor perform an examination shortly after the accident, injuries that are not yet showing symptoms can be identified and corrective treatment begun right away!

Delay can hurt

Left untreated, whiplash injuries can easily worsen until neck pain and discomfort eventually stop you from feeling able to perform your normal daily tasks. Some injuries take a day or more to show overt symptoms, and if you think that the absence of pain immediately following the accident means you dodged an injury, you may later regret that assumption.

Chiropractic examination

The healing process for a whiplash injury begins with a thorough chiropractic examination, which includes a thorough medical history and assessment of lifestyle influences on your treatment and rehabilitation. X-rays, MRIs or other scans may be taken to help identify the extent of injury. This examination will help determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is drug free treatment, and non-surgical. If your Charlotte chiropractor at ChiroCarolina® feels surgery or medication would better serve your needs, you will be referred to an appropriate caregiver.

Chiropractic care for whiplash

Each case of whiplash is as individual as each patient, and chiropractic care for whiplash and the neck pain which is characteristic of whiplash will vary patient to patient. Generally, chiropractors employ different chiropractic treatments for painful and restricted joints, often including manipulation, muscle relaxation, muscle stimulation, exercises, depending on observation and the results of examination. The goal of your Charlotte chiropractor is to restore you to movement and flexibility without pain, and to help you achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Spinal manipulation is a primary treatment for whiplash with associated neck or back pain. In a movement also called a spinal adjustment, the chiropractor gently moves your painful joint into the direction of its restriction. In some cases, the application of a short thrust is used to loosen the restriction, in others, a slower movement is used to mobilize the restricted joint.

Muscle relation or stimulation Your Charlotte chiropractor at ChiroCarolina® may relax or stimulate the affected muscles by stretching or contracting the restricted muscle; gentle finger pressure to trigger points may help relieve neck pain or back pain caused by tight muscles.


Chiropractic care for whiplash may also include stabilization and sensorimotor exercises designed to help correct any faulty movement patterns which may hinder your rehabilitation progress, to reduce disc impairment, and to strengthen neck muscles.

Chiropractic care for whiplash can help reduce pain and increase mobility of your neck or back pain, and help you develop a healthy exercise regimen that can greatly improve your lifestyle. Make a positive decision today and get the help you need from the qualified doctors of chiropractic at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC. Call ChiroCarolina® and click for chiropractic care for whiplash.


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