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The study started with 79 chiropractor participants with 529 patients in different age groups. The patients were categorized depending on the frequency and severity of their neck pain. These statistics represent the 4891 consultation and treatments during the duration of the study. The outcome of the study were measured through an 11 point numerical rating scale, neck disability index were also used to monitor the pain each patient feels after their consultation and treatments. Chiropractic treatments differ from patient to patient, but 97% of the total number of patients have gone through spinal Manipulation. The result of the study shows that 47% of the patients of their second visit complained about new related complaint. Bout 26% of the patients complained about new related symptom on their 3rd and 4th visit respectively.

Conclusion: Throughout the study the 166 patients raised new complaints after their 4th and 3rd visit but none on their second visit. None of this complaints resulted to severe disability and were all treated by chiropractic in the end.


Source: THE BENEFITS OUTWEIGH THE RISKS FOR PATIENTS UNDERGOING CHIROPRACTIC CARE FOR NECK PAIN:A PROSPECTIVE, MULTICENTER, COHORT STUDY (Sidney M. Rubinstein, DC, MSc,a Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde, DC, MPH, PhD,b Dirk L. Knol, PhD, Tammy E. de Koekkoek, DC,d Charles E. Pfeifle, DC,e and Maurits W. van Tulder, PhDf,g)



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