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Are you injured?

Have you been hurt on the job? Have you been in an accident? The sensible thing to do when you have been hurt or if you have an accident is to go to your local Charlotte, NC emergency room for x-rays and other tests to make sure you have no broken bones or internal bleeding. If you understand and appreciate chiropractic care, you will next go to your Charlotte chiropractor to answer another important question: Are you injured? You see, medical doctors who perform standard emergency room examinations do not have the expertise to know if your accident has caused the kind of spinal misalignment that can interfere with spinal function. Doctors of chiropractic specialize in the intricate relationship between the spine and central nervous system, and they can locate and correct areas of misalignment or dislocation that can result in pain or impaired movement.

Have you been in an accident?

If you can walk away from a car crash, you are certainly having a lucky day. The trauma of collision could easily have left you with broken bones, severe strains or sprains, internal injuries, or an even more serious outcome. However, even at low speeds, our bodies can sustain injuries that do not make themselves apparent until days, or sometimes weeks, after an auto accident. Why? Some injuries do not stop our bodies from functioning; they simply cause them to function poorly. And when body function is impaired, there are consequences. One of the consequences of poor body function is pain.

Have you been hurt on the job?

If you are injured at work, a worker’s compensation claim must be filed with your employer. The majority of injuries acquired while working involve the back and neck, which is why chiropractic care is a sound treatment option for injured workers. Laws on workers’ compensation insurance policies differ from state to state, but all cover medical fees associated with a workplace injury. Chiropractic care is known by the insurance industry to be fairly quick and reasonably priced, making it an excellent option for treating work-related injuries without the use of drugs or surgery.

Recovery with chiropractic care

After an initial examination and injury assessment, your Charlotte chiropractor will design a personalized treatment plan to restore you to health and get back to work as quickly and as safely as possible. It is important that you follow your treatment plan through to the end, even after your initial pain has disappeared. Your workers’ compensation coverage relies on full compliance, and besides, completing your treatment program will help avoid reinjuring your weakened body and ensure that your overall health has been restored.

Are you injured, or hurt on the job? Have you been in an accident? If so, caring chiropractors like those at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte, NC can help. For comprehensive healthcare that provides relief from pain, healing, and prevention of repeat injuries, see your Charlotte chiropractor. Are you injured?



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