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Nearly every auto accident chiropractor will tell you that if you are suffering with aching and pain after a car accident, it is most commonly an indication that your spine has suffered damage. Ignoring the pain will rarely make it go away, and even if it does, that does not mean that the spinal damage has healed properly. Untreated spinal damage is a source of future pain, arthritis and re-injury. If permanent damage results, this could lead to a life time of chronic pain and discomfort.

Your Charlotte auto accident chiropractors have the tools to diagnose and treat your accident injuries. Treatment usually begins with a thorough evaluation that includes an on-site x-ray lab along with other diagnostic apparatus that will locate and document your specific injuries. Patients report that they receive personalized attention and helpful knowledge about the source of their discomfort.

During the first chiropractic appointment, your chiropractor will ask specific questions about the crash. He or she will want to know how your car was hit, and at what speed. They will find it particularly important to know how your body reacted to the accident. Be sure to tell your auto accident chiropractor about your specific pain, if there is any particular movement or position that is painful; as well as the severity of your pain.

Treating car accident patients

Once your auto accident chiropractor has diagnosed your injuries, he or she will discuss your options for recovery. Treatments are natural and may include chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation exercise, physiotherapy, electric stimulation, and other pain relieving techniques without the use of harmful painkillers. It is crucial that your chiropractor is always consulted after a car accident, regardless how minor. Do not hesitate; make an appointment, even if there was little damage to your car, and you feel the incident may be minor or insignificant. Remember that your health and future wellbeing is most important.

Charlotte chiropractor provides care and rehabilitation

Automobile accidents can cause serious injuries. Most can be easily identified right after the accident; and some injuries may not show symptoms right away. Failure to treat initial injury could cause chronic problems later, such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, and damage to the nerves, muscles and ligaments. To start your healing process, consider chiropractic examination with ChiroCarolina® of Charlotte, NC.

Regular chiropractic care combined with rehabilitative exercise; will substantially aid patients who suffer from auto accident injuries. ChiroCarolina® will provide you with a number of natural and painless options for treatment. Their first priority is to establish the cause of your pain and then provide effective treatment for pain relief without the use of pain medications. Have you been in an accident, now what? Take charge of your health, call ChiroCarolina® and get the best Chiropractic care after an auto accident.


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