Charlotte auto accident chiropractor wants you to know why car accidents are bad for the spine

Charlotte auto accident chiropractor

Charlotte auto accident chiropractors are available to those who have been in a car accident and are now experiencing chronic pain. Car accidents can happen to anyone, and they have the ability to disrupt someone’s life long after the damage has been cleaned up. Many people are experiencing pain every day due to a car accident, and are doing nothing about it. Thankfully, there are many resources available to those who are living with chronic pain and wish to return back to their normal lives. The best way to improve your pain after a car accident is to make an appointment with your local Charlotte auto accident chiropractor.

Why does being in a car accident hurt your spine?

Although the spine is considered a complex structure, it is still very fragile. A car accident can have a rough impact on the person inside, which the spine is not well-suited for. The impact from the car collision damages ligaments that can be found in back muscles. Joints that can be found in the spine between vertebrae end up absorbing a lot of the impact, which can cause disc herniation, whiplash, spondylolisthesis and compression fractures. Charlotte auto accident chiropractors can explain to you your injury in further detail.

How to tell if you’ve been seriously injured after an accident

Many people make excuses for not wanting to visit a professional after an accident has occurred, however, seeing a Charlotte NC auto accident chiropractor right after your incident can help you protect your body against further damage.

  • Whiplash is an injury that is often caused by rear-end car accidents. Whiplash symptoms include a stiff and painful neck, dizziness, fatigue, headaches that originate in the neck area and vision that is blurred.
  • If you are experiencing back pain that is mild to severe and worsens when you try moving, then you may have experienced a spinal fracture. If this is the case, then do not move the person that is experiencing these symptoms and instead dial an emergency rescue service immediately.
  • Discs can often become herniated during an auto accident. Pain in the legs or arms, numbness, weakness or tingling may all be symptoms of a disc that has become herniated.

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