Is back pain treatment something that can be done by yourself?

Back pain treatment is something that everyone will likely experience to an extent during their life. Having chronic joint immobility can eventually turn to inflammation and pain in the joints.

An adjustment from a chiropractor is a way to treat the pain in your back or neck before the pain becomes a chronic condition.

A chiropractor will help your body to heal in a non-invasive way. Your doctor may use spinal manipulation as a technique to help you with your back pain. The treatment includes physical therapy, massage, and exercise as a way to alleviate pain in your lower back. When done by a trained professional it is completely safe.

You may feel the desire to crack your own back even though it is recommended that you visit a chiropractor to handle your spinal manipulation. Cracking your back isn’t considered to be too harmful, but should you do it?

What is with the ‘pop’?

No matter whether you are trying to crack your knuckles or your spine, the ‘pop’ is what you’re probably looking for. This is known as a “cavitation”.

When attempting to crack your joints with some DIY chiropractic, and even during a professional realignment, there is a sudden decrease in joint pressure which releases gasses into the synovial fluid within the joint space, this is what is causing the popping sound.

The popping noise may seem like the end goal, that is not what will provide relief from your pain.

A trained chiropractor can improve joint function by creating cavitation, this will also relax the muscles, and lower any irritation with your nerves with targeted pressure.

On the other hand, when you crack your joints, it will not be targeted, and it will be entirely random.

You will more likely get the popping noise from a joint in your body that is already moving freely when you do it yourself rather than the one that is causing you pain. This is why it’s not possible to replicate the same relief that you will get from a chiropractor.

Can you have a friend crack your back?

Many people will try to take this approach but this is not safe. Any friend who does not have the medical knowledge or chiropractic skills may twist or push your back harder than necessary, which can lead to more injuries.

It’s a common request to ask a friend to walk on your back in order to ‘crack it into place’. This can be too dangerous. This will put too much pressure on one place of your back and cause injuries to your spine and even possible damage to your rib cage. There is still the possibility to sustain serious joint, muscle, or bone injuries even if your friend is lightweight.

Back pain treatment in Charlotte NC

Back pain treatment should not be done by yourself, this type of self-care can be misguided and is usually counterproductive, often resulting in the area becoming even more immobile. At best, twisting your spine to make it pop can actually worsen your balance of spine motion and will only provide temporary relief.

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