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You have been in an accident, now what?

You have been in an accident, and now what do you do? Whether your accident occurred in your car, or at work, you are left wondering where in Charlotte NC you can receive the most effective treatment, and how long your pain will last. Making an informed choice about your healthcare options is the first step toward recovery from your accident.

Charlotte NC worker has been in an accident, now what?

You have had an accident at work, and wonder what to do next. The first thing to do is notify your employer of your injury, and file a worker’s compensation claim. If your accident resulted in soft tissue or musculoskeletal injury, you can go directly to a local chiropractor for evaluation. If you are concerned your injury may be critical, however, first see an emergency room physician to rule out life-threatening damages. The goal of your Charlotte chiropractor is to get you well by the most natural means possible, without the use of drugs or surgery. In any case, he or she will let you know at once if your injuries require medical care of a different sort.

Chiropractic care for workplace accident

After an initial evaluation by your Charlotte chiropractor, you receive a personalized treatment plan to get you healthy and back to work again as quickly and safely as possible. Chiropractic care focuses on the connection between soft tissue injuries and spinal misalignments; misalignments can be caused by events such as slips, falls, twisting, lifting, whiplash motions of your neck, blows to your torso, habitual improper posture or repetitive motion. By restoring proper spinal positioning, chiropractic care makes it possible for your body to heal. Your commitment to keeping your scheduled appointments and to the healing therapies of chiropractic care can soon have you back up and functioning at your previous levels.

Charlotte NC driver has been in an accident, now what?

Auto accident injury patients can greatly benefit from chiropractic care and holistic treatment options. Your Charlotte chiropractor has experience with spinal trauma and whiplash injuries, and encourages accident victims to learn more about the benefits offered by chiropractic care. Traditional medical treatments typically include immobilizing the neck and using medication to manage pain. However, doctors of chiropractic view these treatments as ineffective for long-term pain management and injury rehabilitation, because they fail to address the underlying injury. Experienced chiropractors like those at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC provide immediate pain relief and develop treatment plans which support the natural healing capability your body possesses.

Chiropractic care for whiplash injury

Traditional medical treatment for whiplash often entails wearing a cervical collar for an extended period of time; doctors of chiropractic feel this often does more harm than good. Immobilizing your neck after an auto injury can restrict blood flow, actually slowing the healing process. Painkillers are similarly ineffective; when the relief they provide wears off, pain returns. Acting immediately to address the source of your injury, your chiropractor will make a full assessment to determine the severity of injuries and the right healing approach for you. Chiropractic treatment is so effective for whiplash and other auto accident injuries because it addresses the underlying causes of pain. By restoring proper alignment to your spine, chiropractic treatments naturally manage pain without the need for medication.

You have been in an accident, now what?

Well, you have been in an accident, now what? Whether you have been injured in a workplace accident, in an auto accident, or elsewhere, it is important that you seek diagnostic care as soon as possible.  The earlier your injury is assessed and treatment begins, the better your Charlotte chiropractor can reduce your pain and correct its cause.  Untreated spinal injuries increase your risk for chronic neck pain, headaches, migraines and back problems. Let the caring doctors at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte NC answer your question: I have been in an accident, now what?


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