Best Charlotte Chiropractic in Charlotte, NCVisiting the Chiropractor

The best Charlotte chiropractic doctors treat everyone from small children to seniors. They are the vanguards of health and wellness for your family. Routine chiropractic care should be as basic to your lives as healthy diets and regular exercise. In other words, You and your chiropractic doctor are a team. You chiropractor is responsible for providing management of misalignments of the spine, to help your body reach optimal health. Regular chiropractic care addresses back, neck and sciatica pain. It can also help with allergies, arthritis, headaches and migraines.

The best chiropractic practices also focus on remedies for daily stresses and health issues without use of medications or surgery. Consider your relationship with your chiropractor to be similar to your relationship with your auto mechanic. The mechanic is responsible for making sure that your car is running properly, but you have to make sure that the car is properly fueled and maintained between visits. Your Charlotte chiropractor is responsible for “tuning up” your body, but you must you’re your body properly fueled and maintained between visits. We want to offer you some tips to make sure that you enjoy the best possible health in the years to come.

Getting proper rest

Many people believe that sleep is negotiable. It is a crucial part of helping our bodies rest and heal itself. Even if you are getting enough hours in bed each night, it can be counterproductive if you sleep in the wrong position. We find that many people place excessive strain on their back or neck while sleeping. Falling asleep in positions where the body is not supported properly, or the neck is at an odd angle, is the reason many people wake up tired in the morning. Your pillow should hold your neck level with your spine. When sleeping, it is important to avoid forward head posture, just as we do when we are standing or sitting upright.

Proper diet

Just as your car needs fuel to run continuously, chiropractic patients’ immune systems run their best when the spine is properly aligned and the body is receiving proper nutrition. The importance of a proper diet cannot be overstated. The combination of regular spinal adjustments and proper nutrition will help you to ward off many contaminants that try to invade the body through normal day-to-day activity. The best chiropractic doctors offer nutritional counseling as part of their practice.

Staying active

Staying active, even if it is only walking for 30 minutes a day, can do wonders to keep your body balanced and ready for the challenges of daily life. Whenever you plan to be working or playing for a while, make sure that you are adequately warmed up and stretched. This includes every activity from daily house cleaning, to gardening, or playing with your grandchildren. It is very easy to injure yourself if you are not properly warmed up. Ask your chiropractor about simple and easy exercises to help you warm up before activity, and to cool down afterwards.

Best Charlotte chiropractic “Care you can count on” in Charlotte, NC

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