Most reliable Charlotte chiropractic answers all of the questions you may have about spinal adjustments

Most reliable Charlotte chiropractic

Most reliable Charlotte chiropractic experts are in the business of keeping you happy and healthy. One of the ways in which this all-natural medical discipline does this is by doing spinal adjustments. If you have never had an adjustment done before, it may seem like a scary experience. However, by talking with your best Charlotte chiropractic, and by reading this guide, we hope to alleviate any fears you may have regarding this experience. Chiropractic medicine is a great way to alleviate your painful symptoms in an all-natural, holistic way.

Why should I get a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic or spinal adjustment is what a chiropractic doctor does when they use their hands to adjust specific joints in the spine. Typically the motion is quick and has a certain amount of force that is specifically being applied to a certain area. This adjustment does not cause discomfort, as doctors of chiropractic medicine have trained for many years in proper spinal adjustment techniques. A reason to get a spinal adjustment is that is corrects or completely removes something called subluxations. Subluxations happen when a spinal vertebrae gets moved away from its natural position. This movement of the vertebrae causes unnatural stress on surrounding nerves, which makes the body dysfunctional. Spinal chiropractic adjustments act to correct these subluxations, and get the vertebrae back to where they need to be.

Why are they so noisy?

In some cases, when having a spinal adjustment done, there can be a characteristic “popping” noise. This is perfectly normal, and is nothing to be concerned about. What is happening is a release of gas from the capsule of the joint. When the joints are being adjusted, this gas gets released and created a “popping” noise. It is a myth that this noise is the sound of the patient’s’ bones cracking. This is completely untrue, and the sound is not harmful in any way.

Will the adjustment hurt?

No, the chiropractic spinal adjustment does not cause discomfort. Some clients will say that they feel sore or are experiencing aches when an adjustment is over, but this feels very much like what you would experience from doing a workout. Many patients will note that their pain has immediately been alleviated.

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