Avoid golf injuries

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The best Charlotte chiropractic care clinic treats virtually every conceivable golf injury. If you are an avid golfer, you have already started swinging away at the driving range. We want to offer some advice to help you avoid injury this season. Every year, golfers come in with injuries to their back, hips, knees, and ankles; mostly from improper form or from repetitive use early in the season. Ignore the signs and symptoms, and you could end up losing the second half of the season. Consider the following:

Protect your back before you hit the green

  • Every year, numerous golfers injure their backs simply lifting their clubs out of the car.
  • Proper lifting mechanics applies to recreation as well as work, bending over to extend the back muscles places undue stress on the areas where your back is the most vulnerable.
  • Be sure that you lift with your legs and not your back.
  • Refrain from trying to jerk the bag out of the car.
  • After lifting your bag, hold it as close to your torso as possible. Take a step backward, stop, and then rotate the clubs to your cart or to the ground.

Get in shape

  • Golf is more fun than digging ditches, but it can be just as hard on your muscles.
  • You should have an appropriate amount of stamina and strength by the time that the golf season rolls around.
  • Think twice about playing 36 holes your first few weekends of the year
  • Start to work on your conditioning by spending some time on the elliptical, walking, or riding a bicycle.
  • Improve your cardiovascular strength and consider losing a few extra pounds if you are overweight.
  • Check with your Charlotte chiropractor or health care professional for a list of exercises that will improve your strength and make you less prone to injury.

Warm up first

  • Get to the golf course early so that you can take practice swings and warm up before heading off to the first tee.
  • Warm up with every club in your bag. Start with your pitching wedge, then successively every club all the way down to your driver.
  • Start with your pitching wedge first because your driver is the longest club, and has the most potential for hurting your back.
  • Warm up to get your muscles, joints, and nervous system acclimated to the forces of golf.

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