Best Charlotte chiropractic understands sciatica and can help with its symptoms

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Best Charlotte chiropractic has a great understanding of the neurological symptom known as sciatica. If you’ve ever been going about your day and have felt numbness, tingling or even weakness in your lower back, you may be experiencing sciatica. These sensations will typically begin in the lower back area, and then will travel to the buttock and then eventually end up in the leg. Sciatica itself is not a medical condition, but it is a symptom that is caused by an underlying condition. This medical symptom can be bothersome, and can interrupt a person’s day-to-day life. Besides being a troublesome sensation, sciatica can cause pain and weakness, which can make it hard to walk and do normal daily activities. The best Charlotte chiropractic care can help you with your symptoms of sciatica, and can get you back on your feet.

Symptoms of sciatica and sciatic nerve pain

If you are experiencing any of these following symptoms, you may be suffering from sciatica or sciatic nerve pain:

  • Pain that is worse when sitting down
  • Pain that occurs on only one side of a leg, or the buttocks
  • A sensation of tingling or burning that travels down the leg
  • Foot or leg numbness and/or weakness
  • Sharp pain that may make it near impossible to stand up or to walk

The best Charlotte chiropractic care will examine you and your reported symptoms and will discuss if you are experiencing sciatica or sciatic nerve pain and various treatment options.

Sciatica causes and symptom patterns

Irritation or compression of a spinal nerve root may cause the medical symptom of sciatica. The sciatic nerves may also be affected, and the irritation or compression of one of these nerves may also cause the painful symptoms of sciatic nerve pain. Pain can come in all levels, and can be hardly noticeable all the way up to severe. Sciatic nerve pain does not always have to originate from an injury. This painful nerve symptom can develop over the course of many years. People who are over the age of 50 are most at-risk for experiencing this nerve pain. Sciatic nerve pain and sciatica may resolve on its own, however chiropractic care is available to those who wish to stop the pain as fast as possible. The best Charlotte chiropractic can work with those experiencing sciatica to reduce their flare-ups and shorten the amount of time sciatic nerve pain is experienced.

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