Top Charlotte NC chiropractic wants to help you with your workday commute

Top Charlotte NC chiropractic

Top Charlotte NC chiropractic understands that traveling to and from work can be a nightmare. For most people, the worst part about their job is their commute. When so many people are on the road at the same time traveling to their job, it can make for a real headache. Commutes can be long too, and can have people driving for hours every day. Staying in one position for that long, and usually being tense and uptight while doing so, can cause some real problems for your health. This best Charlotte chiropractic is here to help you make your workday commute a little better, and perhaps even fun.

Implement relaxation techniques to help deal with the stress of traffic

Best Charlotte chiropractic knows how stressful traffic can be. Bad drivers and people that are driving recklessly can make any well-trained driver stressed-out to the max. Being in a constant state of stress throughout your commute, however, is going to lead to tense muscles that may lead to chronic neck and back pain. When we get stressed out, a lot of this tension travels straight to our neck. Overtime, this stress on our neck and back muscles can damage them and lead to aches and pains that occur even when we are not uptight, sitting in traffic. To counteract this stress, do some breathing exercises or actively focus on relaxing your muscles. Your body will thank you.

Don’t sit in silence

There are many entertainment options you can turn to to make your commute enjoyable. Listening to something of interest will also help get your mind off of the stress of rush hour, and will relax your tense muscles. If you are a fan of podcasts, download a podcast app and find one that suits your interests. There is literally a podcast out there for everyone, and you can find specialized podcasts with hosts that discuss your favorite activity, genre, or fiction story. Audiobooks are another great option for those who have a long commute. Apps like Audible can be downloaded on your phone, and can allow you to pick different audiobooks each month.

Move your muscles even while sitting in traffic

Top Charlotte NC chiropractic wants you to know the dangers of sitting still for long periods of time without moving any of your muscles. To counteract this harmful habit, implement little exercises into your commute. While sitting in traffic, you can engage the muscles of your core by squeezing your abs and directing your bellybutton to the back of your ribcage. You can also place your hands on your steering wheel and round your back, making a cat pose. Doing little exercises like these can break up your commute and benefit your overall body health.

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