Staying hydrated

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The top Charlotte chiropractic doctors remind their patients of the importance of staying hydrated in the hot summer weather. If you were to ask the average person about their favorite beverage on a hot summer day, most will offer a list of drinks that are high in sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. These beverages cannot offer a proper level of hydration, and one must be careful not to drink too much caffeine, or consume a high level of empty calories. No matter what you read about sport drinks, nothing is more effective than filtered water.

Drinking the proper amount

  1. Experts purport that the average adult should drink eight to ten glasses of water every day.
  2. That is what you need for the body to carry out processes at normal levels.
  3. It is also important to understand that we lose a lot of fluids in the warmer weather.
  4. Regardless of whether you work outdoors or in an office, your muscles and tissues can survive only when they are properly hydrated.
  5. Drinking the appropriate amount of water ensures that every part of the body can function properly.

The dangers of dehydration

Dehydration can be a serious health concern. It is important to understand how and when dehydration is affecting our body. Consider the following:

  1. Dehydration can be a cause of migraines and headaches, irregular blood pressure, dry skin and, urinary tract infections.
  2. Our circulatory system relies on an adequate amount of water in order to produce the appropriate oxygen levels in the bloodstream.
  3. Our kidneys need sufficient amounts of water to function properly. Kidneys use a tremendous amount of water to filter toxins out of the body.
  4. Without proper amounts of water, our lungs will fail to properly function.
  5. Being properly hydrated helps to regulate our metabolism and body temperature.
  6. Proper hydration protects our joints and helps our body transport nutrients to every cell.
  7. When we do not drink enough water, the body can experience one unhealthy consequence after another.

The top Charlotte chiropractic care 

Proper hydration can be a very serious issue and your Charlotte chiropractor has the answers that can greatly improve your health and overcome the negative effects of dehydration on your body. It is crucially important to see your Charlotte Chiropractor as your professional source for good health.

Their chiropractic doctors are trained to diagnose and treat every patient individually. They take into account the unique and underlying factors that have an effect on the patient. Their goal is to help everyone achieve optimal health. Call ChiroCarolina, one of top Charlotte chiropractic centers providing top chiropractic care for the uptown, NoDa, and University area- located conveniently off North Tryon Street.