Chiropractic care for your back

The best chiropractic care can be surprisingly effective at treating some instances of back pain, neck pain, headaches, loss of mobility, and more. Many patients don’t immediately think of seeing a chiropractor for pain relief, but it’s worth a second look. You may be able to avoid riskier treatments, such as surgery or prescription drugs.

Best chiropractic in Charlotte NC

Chiropractors focus on ailments of the neuro-musculoskeletal system. They treat pain by manipulating and adjusting the spine and joints to relieve pressure and restore alignment. Chiropractic care can be especially effective for those who have suffered acute injuries (such as a car accident or a sports injury) or those who have chronic pain (for example, from doing repetitive work).

What to expect

A chiropractor does not prescribe drugs or perform surgery. Instead, all treatment is done with the chiropractor’s hands. He or she may stretch, re-align, or adjust your spine and surrounding areas. Generally, this can be done with a minimum of discomfort, and there is no downtime after chiropractic treatment.

When you go to your initial consultation with a chiropractor, he or she will start by getting a detailed medical history and asking questions about your injury. You will then undergo a physical examination. If needed, the chiropractor may order scans or other tests. Once all information is available, the chiropractor will determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care. If so, he or she will discuss your treatment plan with you.

How the best chiropractic care influences overall health

The best chiropractic care can have ancillary benefits even beyond pain relief and restoration of mobility. Patients have reporting seeing improvements in other areas, including digestion, respiration, and overall mood and well-being.

Chiropractors can also provide valuable advice on nutrition, posture, and ergonomics to ensure you remain healthy and pain free. Consider chiropractic care as part of your holistic wellness strategy.

Finding the best chiropractic clinic in Charlotte NC

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