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We are experiencing increased incidence of neck pain and chiropractic care for children. Rarely do we think of neck pain as an issue for young people; however, about this time of year school-aged children and even college students can awaken with upper back pain and stiffness in the neck. It is easy to assume that this is caused by incorrect sleeping positions. Increasingly, the cause of back or neck pain in our young people can be attributed to carrying heavy backpacks or book bags. Backpacks are designed so that the students are carrying the entire weight of the backpack on the shoulders. The bulk of the weight in the backpack is distributed on its bottom. This strains muscles, causing upper back and neck pain, and can eventually cause long-term nerve damage if not addressed early on.

The spine and neck

The spine and neck of growing youths is very delicate. Of course, the bones are continuously changing with nerves passing through vertebrae. Any damage that is caused to the nerves from being compressed can be significant, depending on how long children continue to carry the weight. The backpack of the typical student can easily weight around 15 pounds. This puts these youngsters at risk of getting nerves caught between the cervical vertebrae that run from the neck across the shoulders and down the front of the arms.

Proper use of the backpack

The proper way to wear a backpack is to have the straps carrying the weight equally on both shoulders. However, it is most common to see young people walking around with their backpacks slung loosely over one shoulder. When backpacks are worn this way, the wearer has to compensate for the load by leaning in the opposite direction while they strain to keep the head and neck straining forward. If this practice is repeated every day for weeks or months, it is not hard to understand how this can cause serious back and neck problems that can lead to weakness, numbness, and loss of motor control once there is nerve damage.

Preventing back and neck pain

You can prevent back pain by choosing the right backpack for your child and making sure that he or she understands how important it is to wear it properly. Every backpack should fit appropriately and should come with several pockets and compartments that allow the weight of the contents to be evenly distributed. The best backpacks also have a strap that fastens across the chest, which will pull the backpack forward and evenly distribute the weight across the back and shoulders. Make sure that the shoulder straps are wide and well-padded. This will add cushion to the shoulder area and will reduce are pain that results from excessive pressure.

Best Charlotte chiropractic care for neck pain

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