Does the best chiropractic care in Charlotte recommend wearing a back brace?

The best chiropractic care in Charlotte NC can provide patients with an evaluation to determine whether a back brace will be beneficial to their back pain and the type of brace that they should wear, and how to wear one.

Many patients who feel pain in their lower back pain from things such as degenerative disc disease, disc herniations, and back sprains or strains can consider the use of a back brace. Once you and your chiropractor are confident that you are suffering from a form of lower back pain, using a back brace may help provide pain relief and help you recover faster, giving you the chance to do any physical activities that need to be done.

However, a back brace may not be suitable for you if your pain is caused by spinal misalignment or subluxation. This is because a misalignment happens when one or more of the joints in your spine are not moving as they should. Immobilizing your spine with a back brace may take longer for your back to heal. Also, your spinal muscles can become weakened and prone to injuries with the consistent use of a back brace.

How does a back brace help?

Back braces work by unloading the weight from your back and transferring it to your abdomen; this reduces the load on your spinal structure. This decrease in pressure lowers muscle tension, the top reason for back trauma and injury, and the pain that comes along with it.

A back brace can also help to correct your posture and use proper body mechanics. Keeping your body in the correct posture can help keep the pressure off of your muscles, spinal nerves, and joints, which can lower your pain. However, a back brace can become less helpful if your back pain is chronic.

Are there risks to using a back brace?

Many people may not need to wear a back brace, and it is only recommended to do so when advised by a doctor.

By wearing a back brace, you may become discouraged from using the core muscles that support your body. Your doctor may recommend only using a back brace for a short amount of time as prolonged use can cause a dependency on it. This can result in muscle atrophy and weakness.

How long does the best chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC, recommend wearing a back brace?

The amount of time that the best chiropractic care in Charlotte recommends wearing a back brace will depend on whether or not you are in severe pain and what can cause the pain to become worse. The more pain that you experience, the more you will want to use your brace. You should only wear your back brace if you have more pain doing any physical activities.

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