Best chiropractic explains instances where you can treat injuries using ice or heat

The best chiropractic expert in Charlotte NC recommends heat or ice treatment for muscle strains or neck and back pain. Although the ice of heat is a quick and temporary fix for relief, chiropractic adjustments can help deal with the discomfort permanently.

Most patients understand that they may need ice or heat for their injuries but each option’s use can be confusing. Some of the ways you can safely apply heat or ice include:

  • Ice – Ice massage and ice packs placed over the ailing area until it becomes numb
  • Heat – Moist heat like placing a warm towel over the ailing section or using heating pads to warm an area until you get comfortable.

Here’s how chiropractors treat injuries either using ice or heat.


The occasional headache is something that affects everyone. Some conditions can be easily addressed with over-the-counter painkillers, while others call for more effort. For instance, a cool compress can assist lessen the throbbing pain of headaches, and heat wraps or moist heat can help relieve the stress and neck spasms that are the primary causes of headaches.

Acute injuries

It is preferable to use ice as the first line of treatment for acute injuries that are below six weeks old. Cold therapy causes blood vessels to contract, numbing pain, reducing inflammation, and reducing bruising.

Acute injuries shouldn’t be treated with heat since it can worsen inflammation and prevent the body from recovering properly. Heat therapy is acceptable for persistent wounds older than six weeks, though. Increased blood flow helps to relieve sore joints and loosen up tense muscles. Additionally, it helps increase the range of motion and is good for stiff joints.

Muscle sprains and strains

For muscle sprains and strains, a mix of cold and heat therapy is typically beneficial. To reduce inflammation like redness, swelling, discomfort, and dull pain, it is advisable to use ice as quickly as possible. It is wise to turn to heat once the inflammation has subsided to assist ease any muscle stiffness.

Work with the best chiropractic center in Charlotte NC

Ice and heat application can offer relief in areas of your body that are aching. Follow the expert’s advice on how to use ice or heat. Should you experience difficulties, you must work with the best chiropractic in Charlotte NC for top results.

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