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In 2004, a study by a British Health team on cost effectiveness of different medical approach on lower back pain found that Spinal manipulation is one of the most cost effective way of relieving lower back pain when used together with general medicine. The study was conducted on 1278 participants who were undergoing different types of general medical treatments for lower back pain. The results were measured for 12 months using the Roland Morris disability questionnaire. Results were gathered in 3 and 12 months time frame respectively. Different medical and physical pain treatments including spinal manipulation through Chiropractic were used and partnered with general practice. 326 participants used best care from a primary health provider, 297 participants employed best care in general practice and led exercises. 297 used best care and spinal manipulation and the remaining 322 participants used a combination of spinal manipulation, best care and led exercises.


The results of the study during the 3 month and 12 month duration are as follows.


  1. Participants who used led exercise with best care showed moderate improvement on the condition of their back pain by three months and minimal improvement within one year after the first 3 month period.
  2. Participants who used spinal manipulation with best care showed moderate improvement on their back pain, which showed 1.8% increase on the whole duration of the study or 1 year.
  3. Participants who used best care with spinal manipulation followed by led exercises showed moderate back pain improvement in the first 3 months and small benefit after one year.


The study shows that people who used best care with chiropractic manipulation incurred lower fees on primary health care expenditures when paired with spinal manipulation alone. Patients who underwent best care with led exercises health expenditures spent up to 125 sterling pounds while patients who employed spinal manipulation and best care only incurred 75 sterling pounds on health related costs.


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