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Back pain has been one of the common ailments among the aging population of the world. Its implications range from health to social well being of a person. A study in UK among patients who experienced back pain for a duration of 1 month or more aims to find out the cost effectiveness of physical treatments on back pain when partnered with General Health Practice or called in the study as best care.

The study included several patients in different age groups who suffer from moderate to extreme back pain. Around 1350 participants joined the study from 14 different locations in UK with different background. Randomized treatments and health packages were used on these patients. The study aims to check how effective the physical treatments on back pain and how cost effective the physical treatments were. Best care or general health services were paired with chiropractic spinal manipulation, and back pain related exercises led by a professional respectively. The study was done in a period of one year and data were collected through a specially formulated questionnaire to gauge the improvement of the back pain the patients experienced.

Spinal manipulation through Chiropractic showed evidences of cost effectiveness and treatment effectiveness on patients when paired with best care. In 3 months patients who underwent chiropractic spinal manipulation showed moderate relief from back pain. On the other hand, patients who went through led back pain exercise paired with best care showed minimal pain improvement with higher expenditures related to health. As a conclusion, the study suggests the inclusion of chiropractic spinal manipulation on lower back pain treatment among patients who experienced back pain for more than 1 month.


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