Reliable Charlotte chiropractic clinic wants you to be safe before, during, and after your swimming workout

Reliable Charlotte chiropractic clinicReliable Charlotte chiropractic clinic encourages its patients to workout by visiting a local pool. Swimming is an excellent cardio workout, since it is low impact and relaxing. Those who have not found any luck running or jogging, may enjoy swimming laps, or doing other aquatic activities such as water aerobics. However, it’s important to swim responsibly, which involves warming up, having a natural swimming form, and cooling down. This Charlotte chiropractic clinic put together this article to help you get in your aquatic workout safely and effectively.

Stretch before you get in the water

Warm up your joints and muscles by doing some stretching before you hop in the pool. Hip flexors should be stretched before swimming, as should the glutes, and the rotator cuff. There are many wonderful stretches that your local chiropractor can discuss with you to help you have a safe workout. Stretching is important because it helps to prevent injuries from occurring, and it helps you perform at your maximum speed and efficiency in the water. Before you start swimming laps at a fast pace, do a few laps at a slow pace to warm up your muscles and joints. Then, once your body is ready to go, you can swim at your full speed.

When you’re in the water

While you’re in the water, it’s important to swim with a form that is natural, and that follows your body’s proper alignment. Charlotte chiropractic clinic suggests completing the entire range of motion of each move that you make, and not becoming tired and lazy with your form. If you start to notice that you are too tired to complete full range of motion movements, then it is important to stop swimming and get out of the water. Also, if you are ever swimming and experience pain, switch to a different stroke. If the pain still persists with a different stroke, or after your workout, schedule an appointment with your local chiropractor to determine the cause of the issue.

After you’re done

Just like before you hopped into the pool, stretch out your muscles and joints thoroughly after you’ve completed a swimming workout. You can also complete a few laps at a less vigorous pace to cool your body down slowly, and get it ready to end its exercise. It is never good to stop a workout abruptly, without a cool down session or stretching, so make sure that you are completing these steps after you’ve finishing your exercise routine.

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