Reliable Charlotte NC chiropractic clinic wants you to know how important your sleeping position is

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Charlotte chiropractic clinic doctors are experts when it comes to helping you get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping is what recharges us for the day, and gets us ready to take on the world. Everyone knows that getting a good night’s sleep is of the utmost importance. But, did you also know that the way you sleep is also important. Different sleeping positions come with different pros and cons for your health. Charlotte chiropractic clinic doctors want you to get the best sleep possible, and improve your physical health while doing so.

How should I sleep?

Charlotte chiropractic clinic doctors suggest sleeping in a neutral position to get the best night’s sleep possible. Sleeping in a position where the spine is at a neutral level is the best way to sleep at nights. The spine has a natural curve to it, and this curve should be supported. If you are extending or flexing your spine with your sleep position, this is no good. This means that the most beneficial ways to sleep at night are either on your side, or on your back.

Back sleeping

If you are someone who sleeps on your back, make sure that your pillow has a sunken area in the middle of it. This will support your neck and prevent any neck injury that may be caused from sleeping in an incorrect position. When it comes to supporting your spine’s natural curve, place a pillow beneath the knees. The pillow should be around 10 inches in depth.  Charlotte chiropractic clinic experts recommend this way of sleeping to help your physical health.

Side sleeping

For those who sleep on their sides, Reliable Charlotte NC chiropractic clinic physicians suggest placing a pillow between the knees. This causes any stress that would be placed on the sacroiliac joint to disappear. Place a pillow between the knees that is around 5 inches wide. It is also important to keep your knees at a neutral level, and not to bring them up too close to the chest.

How not to sleep

Sleeping on the stomach is the worst position to be in when you sleep. This position causes your neck to experience a large amount of stress since it has to remain twisted during the night. Sleeping on your stomach also causes hyperextension of the lumbar spine. This can cause subluxations in your vertebrae if you sleep like this over time. Visiting a Charlotte chiropractic clinic can give you advice on how to break this nasty sleep habit.

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