Charlotte Chiropractic Clinic in Charlotte NCChiropractic care for children

Chiropractic clinics are as varied as the providers that run them. Sometimes parents overlook the fact that there are great benefits in taking their children to a Charlotte chiropractic clinic. Raising children that flourish is a combination of healthy practices such as eating the right foods, and regular chiropractic visits.

How early should you start?

When it comes to chiropractic care for kids, parent always want to know the best age to start. The short answer is that children can benefit from chiropractic care at any age, even infancy. Chiropractic care is a gentle and non-invasive way to correct underlying issues before they affect a child’s overall development. Chiropractors can start to monitor a child’s spine and nervous system beginning at birth. The birthing process places a lot of stress and trauma on the infant’s body and spine. Throughout infancy sleeping in awkward positions, taking tumbles when learning to walk can cause misalignment of their little spines. Children are very resilient, and can take a lot of impact, but it is not uncommon for these injuries develop into compromised movement, that will pull a child’s bones out of alignment over time.

Rough and tumble childhood

Most children are likely to engage in activities such as hanging from monkey bars, jumping off ramps with a bike, skateboarding, or contact sports. It is not that these activities are not fun and healthy, the is a high risk of your child being prone to experiencing bumps and falls that can cause misalignment of the spine. Regular visits to a Charlotte chiropractor will ensure that your child will continue to grow and develop in a healthy way.

The first visit

The first visit is a big deal, that is why it is helpful to start children out as early as possible. It is perfectly natural for your child to be nervous about his or her first visit to the chiropractor. Once started most children enjoy their visits and look forward to experiencing them. The chiropractic doctor will perform a comprehensive exam that includes a detailed family health history, so be prepared to answer a lot of questions. He or she will be able to determine if any treatments are necessary. Treatment is always gentle, and always tailored to your child’s size, weight, and spinal condition. Regular chiropractic checkups can help to maximize your child’s health and potential. At the same time, it will prevent future illness or injury.

Care you can count on for your children

The doctors at ChiroCarolina® are experts at the diagnosis and treatment of children of all ages. Patients visit from all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and from as far as Georgia, Florida and Virginia. ChiroCarolina® provides numerous treatment modalities to aid in their healing and optimal health. Chiropractic care should be an integral part of parental care. If you have children been of any age, call ChiroCarolina®, one of Charlotte’s top chiropractic centers providing top chiropractic care for the uptown, NoDa, and University area- located conveniently off North Tryon Street.