Top Charlotte NC Chiropractic ClinicAs the weather warms up, avid golfers will be more than ready to hit their favorite course, but may we suggest that you make your first stop at your top Charlotte NC chiropractic clinic. Those who love the sport are also familiar with the back pain it can bring. Every hole requires extreme rotation and a lot of stress placed on your spine. Even a pitch and putt course requires at least 27 swings. Add to that practice swings before the stroke, plus warm up swings on the range. The average golfer easily puts his or her spine through well over 100 high speed ranges of motion and tremendous torque on the body. Do we really have to wonder why so many golfers suffer with back pain?

Avoiding back pain

There are a number of things that can be done to avoid back pain from golf. The first step is to prepare for the season. The healthier you are at the start of the season, the healthier you will be at the end of the season.

  1. Carrying extra weight is not a good way to start the season.
  2. Another important factor for staying healthy and avoiding back pain is to keep your muscles loose and limber as you play. We understand that some courses require that everyone uses a cart, walking a course is much better for your back than driving in a cart. Consider leaving your cart on the path, and walking to and from your ball if you can do so without holding up play. Walking is more than sufficient to keep your muscles warm and active. If you ride in a cart for every hole, your body does not get a chance to stay warm between swings.
  3. Cool down and stretch when you are done playing. The natural inclination is to saunter over to the clubhouse to have a beer with the foursome after finishing a round. However, make a group effort to spend 3-5 minutes stretching. It will save you a lot of pain later.

Finding the best chiropractor

Top Charlotte NC chiropractic clinic use several different methods to diagnose and to treat their patients. Treatment plans are unique to every individual. They often combine professional massage therapy with rehabilitative exercises that the patient can perform at home. Some patients are given lifestyle coaching and dietary counseling for a healthier lifestyle. Chiropractors focus on natural healing, and they do not prescribe pain medication as part of their treatment. The preliminary focus is on the immediate relief of pain, and then helping the spine to heal the body naturally.

The best Charlotte chiropractic treatment for injury Top Charlotte NC Chiropractic Clinic

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