More and more athletes like Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers are going for chiropractic care to help their bodies perform at optimum level throughout the season.

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 30, 2012 –
It is not a known fact that Super Bowl MVP awardee and 2011 Associated Press Athlete of the Year, Aaron Rodgers, grew up living a chiropractic lifestyle. His father, a chiropractor, actually owns a chiropractic clinic in Chico, California.

Chiropractic care is an alternative way of diagnosing, treating and preventing neuromusculoskeletal system disorders and their effect on the overall health of a person. Chiropractic treatment involves therapy wherein the chiropractor manipulates the spine, joints and other tissues. Chiropractors also help patients develop an exercise program suitable for them and guide them through health and lifestyle counseling.

This line of health care is already established in the United States, Canada and Australia. In fact, according to Smith Morschhauser’s Establishing a Database of U.S. Chiropractic Health Manpower Data: Furthering the Development of Research Infrastructure, chiropractic care is already the third largest of doctored health professions; just after medicine and dentistry.

Most patients go to chiropractors for lower back pain. However, this type of therapy is also becoming more and more popular among athletes. A lot of NFL players actually utilize chiropractic care, including Aaron Rodgers who is aiming for a second Super Bowl with the help of chiropractic care. Why is this so? This is because chiropractic care helps athletes in any sport stay healthy and perform at peak level throughout the season by ensuring that the nervous system functions properly and that the muscles perform effortlessly in a full range of motion.

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