A recent study financed by the National Institute of Health about the benefits of acupuncture shows that it can help ease chronic pains such as migraines and arthritis. Despite the fact that over three million Americans have turned to acupuncture for long term pain relief and despite all the studies conducted about this method of healing, the medical community still has mixed reactions about it.

In the study, the researchers found out that acupuncture worked better than sham treatments and standard health care on people suffering from osteoarthritis, migraines as well as chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. At the end of the study, Dr. Vickers and his team of scientists stated that half of the patients treated through acupuncture reported significant improvement as compared to 30% of the patients who did not undergo such treatment.

Dr. Saario of ChiroCarolina® is studied acupuncture and is currently offering his services to their patients. Acupuncture involves inserting needles on specific spots of the body to stimulate acupoints. Although adults are the usual acupuncture patients, the government has estimated that about 150,000 children also underwent acupuncture in 2007 alone.

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