The inadequate distribution of health providers and facilities has been a problem of the health care sector of the United States. Fortunately, the House is acting on this issue through legislation of new bills.

A new bill, HR 531 or Access to Frontline Health Care Act of 2011, was introduced to the House by Representative Bruce Braley of D-IA. HR 531 will help address the lack of health care professionals and facilities in some parts of the United States.

With this new legislation, doctors of chiropractic will be authorized to participate in a federal program wherein a part of the doctor’s student loan obligation may be paid off by “frontline” service through full-time service in a health care facility that serves frontline care in an area that lacks doctors and facilities.

This is good news to chiropractors as HR 531 gives emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation and offers a way for doctors of chiropractic to participate in urgently needed services in areas that need medical professionals.

Dr. Saario of ChiroCarolina®, a chiropractic clinic in Charlotte, NC, sees this as an opportunity for chiropractors to make people aware that there is a cheaper and effective alternative to medicine and surgery for spine conditions.