ChiroCarolina® a local chiropractic clinic based in Charlotte NC, has partnered with BodyZone a well-known provider of quality educational resources and materials that Chiropractic doctors use to enable them assist patients to improve their posture and over all health. With these innovative tools from BodyZone which are scientifically sound and proven, Charlotte Chiropractor clinics like ChiroCarolina® get better results in assessing and working with their patients.   These tools include; books, DVD’s, posture grids and webinars that all aim to teach patients with posture related problems the correct ways of improving their postures with the assistance of their chiropractors. It can be noted that BodyZone and the ACA (American Chiropractic Association) have partnered with these ideals to ensure that posture related problems are corrected appropriately by chiropractors with the use of the most innovative tools and products. Through the years of ChiroCarolina®’s operation, they have been up to date with the most recent scientifically proven tools and methods that can further improve their services among all of their clients. Aside from new health products and tools, ChiroCarolina®’s chiropractors have engaged in several continuing education programs to enhance their knowledge and to stay at the top of their practice. For more information about ChiroCarolina® and the services they offer, visit