Charlotte NC Chiropractor in Charlotte, NCIgnoring the signs

Are you one of those people who never make any kind of effort to visit your Charlotte NC chiropractor unless you are in extreme pain? It is quite natural that if we do not feel any pain in our back, then we assume that we do not need to have a spinal adjustment. The reality is that when our spine is out of alignment, the body fights furiously to maintain good health, and when it can no longer function normally, we experience pain and other health issues. That is why there are so many benefits to be gained from a visit to your chiropractor. Regular checkups and adjustments can drastically improve our emotional and physical well-being. Below, we have listed health issues that indicate that you should make an appointment with your Charlotte NC chiropractor right away.

Chronic back pain

There are several factors that can contribute to chronic back pain. Your Charlotte NC chiropractor can determine if it is related to your posture, type of work, or lifestyle. A chiropractor can provide you with relief for back pain without the use of surgery or prescription medications.

Muscle and joint pain

Chiropractors can provide gentle spinal adjustments, massage therapy, and rehabilitative exercises that can relieve pain in your muscles or joints by increasing blood flow and nerve conductivity in those areas.


Headaches can be caused by a number of factors such as dehydration, malnutrition, stress, and even dietary issues. The best Charlotte chiropractors are trained to detect the cause(s) of your headaches and provide treatments that will reduce their severity and occurrence.

Pain after a recent accident

Auto accidents or sports-related injuries can be physically and emotionally traumatic. Yet, in many cases, you may have felt fine for a few days, only to find out later that you are dealing with increasing pain or a serious internal injury. A Charlotte NC chiropractor is trained to diagnose injury after traumatic events, even if you are not feeling pain immediately.

Your lifestyle needs improving

If you feel your health could be better, perhaps your lifestyle needs improvement. A Charlotte NC chiropractor can help you to be more aware of taking care of your body. He or she is an excellent source of information. The best Charlotte chiropractic doctors can provide you with appropriate exercise information, nutritional counseling, and stress-relief techniques that can improve both your emotional and physical well-being.

One of the top Charlotte NC chiropractor

As some of the best Charlotte NC chiropractor , the doctors at ChiroCarolina™ are trained to diagnose and treat illness and pain. They understand that each individual has unique underlying factors and causes that need to be addressed in order to ensure full recovery or optimal health. ChiroCarolina™ also provides neuromuscular stimulation and physiotherapy to aid in the elimination of chronic pain.

You can also expect treatments to include supplemental therapies such as massage therapy, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle coaching when applicable. It is time to improve your quality of life. Patients visit from all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and as far as Georgia, Florida, and Virginia. ChiroCarolina™ is one of Charlotte’s top chiropractic centers providing top chiropractic care for the uptown, NoDa, and University area- located conveniently off North Tryon Street.