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Charlotte chiropractors see countless patients who struggle with the pain and symptoms associated with herniated disc or what is commonly called “slipped disc.” For these patients, the pain, aches, and the numbness is all too familiar. The purpose of this article is to help you understand what is actually occurring in your spine. The spine is comprised of muscles and connective tissues that support and move bone segments that are called vertebrae. There are 24 vertebrae in the spinal system, and they are segmented into five different sections. Most joints in the body have cartilage and fluid that cushions impact and reduces friction during movement. Because of the unique construction of the spine, there are soft, malleable discs known as intervertebral discs between the vertebrae, providing a cushion that allows you to run, jump, bend, and lift without damaging your spine.

Explaining herniated disc

These intervertebral discs are comprised of two parts, an inner part and an outer part. The inner area is a malleable jelly that can be best described as similar to the gel used to make orthopedic shoe inserts. This jelly is contained by the outer part that is designed to allow the jelly to move and slide around as needed to protecting your spine when movement occurs. The outer part of the disc is designed to stay firmly between the vertebrate. The discs is similar in shape and form like a jelly donut.

A herniated disc occurs when the protective barrier of the disc is stressed, strained, or damaged. The wall becomes distorted and the jelly starts to push into areas of the wall, causing a bulge in the wall that is similar to the bubble in an overinflated inner tube. This bubble in the wall pushes on the nerves that run along the spine, which in turn causes back pain and/or sciatica.

A serious condition

If the wall breaks down completely in one area and the jelly escapes from the disc, the jelly will spread, causing pinched nerves or decreased blood supply. Patients who end up with this kind of damage will often experience incredible numbness and/or weakness in their legs. The long term concern is that nerves may eventually be destroyed, and the patient will be subject to life-long damage and pain.

Chiropractic solutions

The top chiropractic doctors in Charlotte treat herniated and bulging discs with non-invasive therapies such as chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitative exercise, physical therapy, and massage therapy. Chiropractic adjustments are proven to ease pressure on pinched or irritated nerves, and facilitates blood flow and oxygen to the injured disc. If you are seeking relief for back pain and sciatica that is caused by herniated or bulging discs, contact one of the best Charlotte chiropractic clinics or a best Charlotte chiropractor today.

The best Charlotte chiropractic treatment for herniated disc

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