Charlotte chiropractor treating patient suffered from low back pain
Charlotte low back pain is a leading factor for long term disability in this region. Nationwide, there are millions of people who suffer from chronic low back pain. The following list is just a few of the most common causes of low back injuries:

  • Vehicular accidents
  • Sport mishaps
  • Falling and slipping
  • Repetitive motions on the job

Other low back pain can also be a result of pain that develops with age, or if it is left untreated for a long time.

Effective and gentle treatment

Chiropractic care is documented to be very effective in the treatment of low back pain. Chiropractic treatments have provided pain relief for new onset of back pain and for those who suffer with recurring back pain. Upon your first visit, your chiropractor will gather your complete medical history and perform a comprehensive physical exam. The exam will test your range of motion, level of pain, and check for misalignment of your spine. These procedures will aid the doctor in determining the cause and the extent of your injuries. He or she will then be able to develop a individualized treatment plan that will relieve pain and restore function.

Gentle and pain free spinal adjustments are usually part of your treatment plan. The procedure used for low back area is the simple application of gentle pressure to the by the Chiropractor to correct misaligned vertebrae. Hopefully, this will help you to begin to function and move your lower back as it was designed to do.

Individualized care

In rare cases, your low back pain may be too acute for spinal adjustments, and your chiropractor will begin treatment pain relieving modalities such as trigger point therapy and/or massage therapy. These therapies will most likely continue to be performed once you are able to receive spinal adjustments; in order to facilitate quicker and more lasting relief. Treatment plans may also include dietary counseling, rehab exercises, laser therapy, lifestyle coaching. Recent studies have confirmed that chiropractic care and exercise are the most effective means of treating low back pain.

Back pain treatment in Charlotte, NC

As some of the best chiropractors in Charlotte, the doctors at ChiroCarolina® diagnose and treat every case of low back pain individually. They understand that each individual has unique underlying factors and causes that need to be addressed in order to ensure full recovery or optimal health. They utilize low back mobilization to relieve the irritation and compression on the affected soft tissues. ChiroCarolina® also provides neuromuscular electrical stimulation and physiotherapy to support to aid in the elimination of lower back pain. It is time to improve your quality of life. Visit your Charlotte low back pain chiropractor at ChiroCarolina®.


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