Problems with posture

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Poor posture in children has become alarmingly common, according to top Charlotte NC chiropractors. Our children are dealing with a different set of factors that are the main causes of poor posture. A generation ago, it was pretty much, don’t slouch in your chair and walk with your shoulders back. This generation still has to contend with those concerns, but they also must negotiate heavy backpacks and slouching over hand held devices such as video games and tablets. The causes are important from a treatment standpoint, but the overall concern is that poor posture can have some devastating long-term effects, the least of which will be an adulthood of aches and pains.

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Childhood activities such as contact sports, skateboarding, or climbing on playground equipment are fun and healthy. However, those healthy activities can also expose your child to bumps and falls that can cause misalignment of the spine. Children often show no signs of pain or discomfort, but eventually, the stress on the spine will affect his or her ability to function properly. Parents who are seeking natural and holistic care for their children schedule regular visits to the chiropractic doctor. Every six months, your children should be examined to determine if any treatments are needed. You can be sure that the treatments will be tailored to your child’s size, weight, and spinal condition. Here are some reasons to check your child’s posture early:

Spinal Curvature

As their body experiences poor posture along with the bumps and bruises of a normal childhood, the natural curve of the spine can begin to change shape. Vertebral misalignments can cause nerve restrictions, limiting the body’s immune system, and its ability to heal itself.

Neck and back strain

When the spine is out of alignment, this puts extra stress and strain on the supporting muscles of the back and neck. Eventually, the body begins to overcompensate, causing chronic soreness and weakening of other joints throughout the body.

Poor organ function

Our skeletal frame provides support for our internal organs. When the frame begins to take an unhealthy shape, this physical stress can cause our organs to function less efficiently.

Top Charlotte NC chiropractors who are trained to treat pediatric patients will know what to look for when examining your child’s spine. Regular exams and corrective care can lower the risk that your child may suffer from the long term ailments and conditions that can be the secondary effects of poor posture.

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