Best Charlotte NC chiropractors want to keep your children safe when they head back-to-school

Best Charlotte NC chiropractorsBest Charlotte NC chiropractors has many tips when it comes to the backpack your child is wearing to school every day. With so many textbooks, folders, and homework assignments, backpacks can become extremely heavy. Many parents don’t worry about this, as they assume that this cannot possibly be enough weight to cause damage to their children’s backs. However, it is important to understand that giving your child a heavy backpack to wear every single day to and from school can have some serious health implications. This Charlotte NC chiropractor made this guide to discuss why it is important to lighten the load.

Why are heavy backpacks so dangerous?

While backpacks are a great invention, they also carry some hidden dangers when they weigh too much and are worn improperly. Some of these risks involve the distortion of your child’s body over time, such as the shoulders rounding, strain on the muscles, the natural curve of the back distorting, rib and spinal joint irritation and balance reduction. Charlotte NC chiropractors are available to schedule an appointment with if your child has developed any of these conditions from wearing a heavy backpack improperly for a long period of time.

What to avoid

Charlotte NC chiropractors suggest lightening the amount of books and materials in your child’s backpack as much as possible. For example, if they have textbooks that they don’t use every day, encourage them to keep them at school, or keep them in their room. If you catch your child wearing their backpack off to one side, talk with them and discuss how this is unhealthy for them, and that they should be wearing it across both shoulders. Also, your children should never lift up their backpacks from the ground with their back. If you see your child doing this, encourage them to lift up their backpack using their leg muscles, and not their back muscles.

Healthy backpack habits

There are ways that a backpack can be carried that is healthy and natural. Make sure that both straps are always used, and that the objects that are heaviest in the backpack are closest to the body. Before letting your child wear a backpack, adjust its straps so that they are tight up against the child’s chest. It is also important to take advantage of all of the compartments in the backpack, to evenly distribute the weight your child has to carry. Charlotte NC chiropractors suggest following these tips to avoid muscles strain and back injury.

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