InjuredAre you injured from winter activities?

Charlotte’s best chiropractor treats patients who have been injured while participating in winter outdoor activities. For many people, winter season means outdoor fun. Countless people find themselves snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, playing hockey, ice-skating, and other winter weather activities. Fun as they may be, a wide variety of injuries can occur from participation in these outdoor sports. Additionally, this is the time of year when slip and fall injuries will affect everyone, whether you are participating in activities or not. If they are not treated properly, the recovery can be lengthy. The following are some of the more common problems that injured patients can encounter.

Rotator cuff injury – The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder. A tear or strain in this area can result in significant pain, swelling, and decreased range of motion. A chiropractor often treats patients with an injured rotator cuff with ice, short-term immobilization, exercise, and therapeutic massage.

Knee injuries – Our knees take a lot of punishment because they are significant weight bearing joints. This is because the knees rely heavily on supporting tendons and ligaments for stabilization and steadiness. After performing a thorough evaluation to determine the nature of the injury, a top chiropractor in Charlotte will typically begin treatment for pain and inflammation supported by leg bracing, icing, massage, and exercise.

Whiplash – Some believe that whiplash can only occur in a car crash. In reality, any fast-paced or sudden change of direction can whip the head back and forth or side to side, causing whiplash. Naturally, neck pain is the end result of this type of injury. The effects of whiplash may be felt immediately, but sometimes the damage is not noticed until days or weeks have passed. The severity of the whiplash injury varies from one individual to the next. This means that in nearly every case, treatment is personalized and individualized. Chiropractic therapy often includes spinal adjustments, massage, and physical therapy.

Head injury – Head injuries are always considered to be a serious event, and they must be addressed immediately by emergency personnel. This is regardless of the degree of impact. It is imperative to be evaluated in order to rule out life-threatening conditions, such as fractures, swelling of the brain, and concussion. After it has been determined that the head injury is treatable outside a hospital setting, a top chiropractor in Charlotte can evaluate the injury and propose a course of treatment.

The bet Charlotte chiropractic care for winter injuries

Yes, winter can be the most active and fun time of the year. Keeping this in mind, it is important to realize that cold-weather sports can result in significant injury. The doctors at ChiroCarolina® are trained to successfully treat many sports injuries. If you are you injured after participating in winter sports or activities, call the best chiropractors in Charlotte at ChiroCarolina® today.


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