ChiroCarolina® doctors of chiropractic offer quality care supported by research and combined practice experience. The continued involvement of Dr. Henry Rice, Dr. Ferzaan Ali and Dr. R. Scott Saario in clinical studies on chiropractic therapies has made ChiroCarolina® one of the best chiropractic practices in the Charlotte NC area. Currently, ChiroCarolina® physicians and their co-researchers, S.B. Brown and L.M. Clair, are  waiting for peer review of their research on the management of lumbar stenosis with combination therapy including deep tissue ultrasound, myofacial active release, and lumbar traction decompression. In recent years, ChiroCarolina® chiropractic physicians’ clinical studies conducted with other researchers have been published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics and Spine. These studies offer data on the effectiveness of cervical/lumbar chiropractic manipulation and decompression therapy in the treatment of upper/lower extremities radicular pain. The efforts of ChiroCarolina® doctors of chiropractic is in line with the overall goal of the chiropractic profession which is increased participation in preventive health services, health promotion, and interdisciplinary care. The chiropractic clinic takes pride in being true to its slogan “ChiroCarolina®, care you can count on” through continued efforts to keep up-to-date with new treatment modalities, new facilities and new research. ChiroCarolina® specializes in the treatment of chronic and acute back pain and/or neck pain through comprehensive chiropractic care and acupuncture. Patient testimonials and patient outcomes are proof that ChiroCarolina® has successfully contributed to the overall improvement of the health care system in the Charlotte NC area.


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