Been in an AccidentPRESS RELEASE – ChiroCarolina, a clinic offering chiropractic care in Charlotte, will be collaborating with The Veterans Administration National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder this year on a research focused specifically on head and spinal trauma.

The research includes early detection of head and spinal injuries for military patients as well as management of the symptoms in the most conservative setting possible. This means medication will be limited and as much as possible, there will be no invasive treatments.

Dr. Ali, Charlotte chiropractor at ChiroCarolina, leads a team of chiropractors that promote chiropractic care for management of pain instead of medication and surgery. Since The Veterans Administration National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is looking for alternative treatments to head and spinal trauma, the partnership between the organization and the chiropractic clinic is ideal for their goal to improve patients’ chronicity of symptoms and, most importantly, improve patients’ quality of life even after experiencing trauma.

ChiroCarolina is the only clinic in North Carolina that is collaborating on a federally sanctioned research and is proud to help the veterans any way they can.  Known as an active participant in programs for veterans, it is not a surprise that the clinic stepped up to help in this research.

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