PRESS RELEASE–ChiroCarolina® would like to announce that it is a Proud Sponsor of the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research. Dr. Ali personally spent time while at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducting Cancer Research and helping publish the most recent advancements in treatment. Additionally Dr. Ali is honored to support the Jimmy V Foundation having family that fought the cancer battle.

Founded by Jim Valvano together with ESPN in 1993 after his ESPY speech that inspired millions, The V Foundation for Cancer Research aims to get people involved in finding a cure for cancer. Being a cancer patient himself, he recognized that there is a need to invest in young physicians and scientists in establishing their careers to motivate them to keep the fight going until the battle is won. He also pointed out that there needs to be a faster way to get results so that necessary actions can be taken quickly.

Although Jim lost his battle to cancer in 2001 just two months after his speech that moved millions, he still somehow won the fight because to date, over $150 million has been awarded to more than 120 facilities nationwide for cancer research and all related programs.

Just like Jim Valvano and the V Foundation, ChiroCarolina® is one with everyone in fighting the battle against cancer. To know more, visit