A government report recently came out questioning the increase in spinal fusion surgery. Apart from the government report, an article came out on the Washington Post wherein it was reported that spinal fusion surgeries rose six-fold in the last twenty years. It was mentioned in the article, too, that $200 million was spent improperly just because conservative treatments were not considered before referring patients to surgeons for back pain relief.

According to Keith Overland, the President of the American Chiropractic Association, “Research supports the use of more conservative treatments as a first line defense against pain. This sensible approach not only reduces health care costs, but also may help some patients avoid riskier treatments altogether.”

Dr. Henry Rice of ChiroCarolina®, a chiropractic clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as many other chiropractors in the United States, finds the increase in back pain-related surgeries concerning. Medical guidelines recommend exploring conservative treatments for back pain before considering spinal fusion surgery, but this is not the case. Instead, physicians refer patients to surgeons or prescribe strong pain killers that are supposed to help patients deal with the pain.

“It is important for patients to know all possible treatment options for back pain before deciding to go under the knife,” Dr. Henry Rice said. Trying conservative treatments when dealing with back pain will save patients from unnecessary surgery costs and keep them away from strong and addictive pain killers.

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