Chiropractic care has been around for years already. However, it is only in recent years that it has gained popularity in the United States. Today, chiropractors are go-to doctors for chronic pain treatment. They offer non-invasive and medicine-free relief for back pain, neck pain, arm pain, and headaches. They are also known to address various health issues like fertility, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and obesity.

“It is good to know that people are starting to recognize the chiropractic approach to their health problems,” Dr. Ferzaan Ali of ChiroCarolina® said. “I think what is bringing all these patients to our clinics is that we offer holistic care – a treatment that not only involves spinal adjustment, but also encourages complete lifestyle changes,” he added.

One proof that chiropractic care is becoming a popular health care choice is that Charlotte Magazine, a trusted voice in Charlotte, NC, has decided to feature the chiropractic community in their August 2014 issue. The issue will showcase the top chiropractors in Charlotte, one of which is Dr. Ferzaan Ali. Dr. Ali, Clinic Director of ChiroCarolina®, has been chosen to be part of Charlotte Magazine’s list of top chiropractors for 2014. The list was built through a series of surveys conducted on Charlotte-based chiropractors who gave their recommendations on who they think are the best chiropractors in Charlotte. Those chosen to be part of the list were not asked to pay for their slot to assure readers that the list is a reliable source.

Dr. Ali’s colleagues at ChiroCarolina® are looking forward to the issue featuring one of their own. It reflects the trust that ChiroCarolina® has gained from the community over the last three decades.

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