FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – May 25, 2013 – CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Dr. Scott Saario of ChiroCarolina® has attended a 12 hour Standard Process continuing education seminar in Mooresville, NC. The aim of the said event is to promote awareness among healthcare professionals the five essentials in comprehensive patient nutrition which includes the following: • Diet and lifestyle • Digestion • Glucose metabolism • Liver and Gallbladder function • Mineral status It can be noted, that the doctors of chiropractic in the said practice have continuously attended relevant health seminars and continuing education events to further improve their knowledge in healthcare management and to stay up to date to the current medical methodologies related to chiropractic which ensures that they provide high quality and up to date services to all clients who seek their expertise. Dr. Scott Saario one of the doctors of chiropractic in the said practice believes that attending frequent seminars like this do not only improve his knowledge, but also ensure that his knowledge is further improved, providing him better understanding of how the other branches of medicine can become the key in resolving other ailments. ChiroCarolina® has always promoted holistic health management along with their chiropractic services in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Through this, proper health management among patients is instilled. ChiroCarolina® provides several services including neck pain treatment, back pain treatment, whiplash and sciatica treatments. For more information about ChiroCarolina® please visit — End —