Best Charlotte ChiropractorLast June 2014, the 6-day Logan Homecoming & Midwest Conference was held wherein physicians, including ChiroCarolina®’s very own Dr. Scott Saario, attended. Key personalities in the medical community such as Dr. Dennis Frerking, Terry Coy, and James Lehman among many others were invited to speak in the different classes offered during the conference.

Topics like Viscero-Somatic Stress Management, Lower Extremity Adjusting, ICD-10 Codes, Autism and ADHD, the Cervical Spine, Patient-centered and evidence-based chiropractic care, the Piriformis Syndrome, and defending the chiropractic physician were covered by the speakers. Dr. Scott Saario, however, found the class on patient-centered and evidence-based chiropractic care the most interesting as the concepts discussed can further improve the quality of care and treatment in ChiroCarolina®.

“ChiroCarolina®’s goal is to provide quality care to our patients who have entrusted their health to us. I’m glad there are conferences like the Logan Homecoming & Midwest Conference that give us physicians a chance to get together and learn more about providing quality care,” Dr. Saario stated.

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