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Chiropractors currently represent the third largest segment of health care practitioners in the US. Chiropractic insurance coverage is now being offered to most American employees who are covered by their respective health insurance providers and is considerably being offered in all types of healthcare plans.

The efficiency of chiropractic care for back pain is very evident. There was a comprehensive review of the literature which evaluated the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments for low back pain and other conditions. The study showed that spinal manipulation to be better and no trial that found it to be significantly worse compared to conventional treatments.

What you should know about back pain in the United States…

  • Most prevalent chronic medical problem

  • No.1 cause of restricted activity and use of prescription and non prescription drugs.

  • Second leading cause of physician visits

  • Second leading cause for hospitalization next to childbirth

The above statistics shows that back pain really represents a major problem on the overall and neuro-musculoskeletal-specific consumption of healthcare resources with the large managed-care system. This is the reason why more and more workers turn to healthcare providers with the hope that they’ll be able to find the best treatment for their condition without hurting their pocket. The availability of chiropractic insurance coverage is one of the best things that happened in the healthcare industry due to several reasons in favor for the patients.

Benefits of chiropractic insurance coverage…

  • Lower annual total health expenditures

  • Lower utilization of plain radiographs

  • Lower incidents of back surgery

  • Lower hospitalization episodes

  • Lower average back pain-related costs

Systematic access to managed chiropractic care may not only prove to be clinically beneficial but it may also reduce overall health costs. The high incidences of back pain together with the heavy economic and disability burden that it imposes in the society are clear manifestations that there is a need to major area of public health concern. Similarly, there is a growing evidence for the low-risks associated with chiropractic spinal manipulation as well as favorable evidence for its efficacy in treating low back pain.

Despite of these evidences concerning safety, effectiveness, and growing public demand, chiropractic care health insurance coverage continues to remain restricted and relative to other health services more particularly in the managed care sector.


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