Earlier this year, chiropractic care was introduced to millions of Americans when “The Doctors” featured chiropractic care in one of their episodes. On March 29, 2012, the episode was filmed and featured segments that showed viewers how one part of the body can actually affect other parts. And, that pain in one part of the body may actually be the cause of a problem somewhere else in the body.
The episode featured several medical doctors and their opinions, but it also featured a leading chiropractor, Dr. Mancini. The president of Parker University, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, discussed the benefits of chiropractic care. He also talked about his new book, The Power of Self-Healing. He videotaped an exam of a patient, discussed chiropractic care, and also talked about the patient’s progress.
Dr. Mancini used several common chiropractic assessment methods and devices and discovered problems in her pelvis, low back, upper back and even her neck. Dr. Mancini determined that his patient was “putting 50 percent more weight on one foot,” compared to the other. He then adjusted his patient on camera.
Afterwards, both Dr. Mancini and his patient came on stage and discussed the progress with the host of “The Doctors.” He explained how chiropractic care often looks at the cause of the problem, rather than only at the symptoms. He was able to point out that his patient had a diet that included too much sugar, and she had been in an accident previously. The patient was also experiencing the emotional stress of starting a new business. Dr. Mancini pointed out that, many times, stress reveals itself in various parts of the body by causing pain.
The nationally known chiropractor also explained how chiropractic care typically works. When Dr. Stork, the host of “The Doctors” asked the patient how she was feeling, she said “”I have never felt so good … I feel like I am a new person and I can’t wait to see what will happen going forward.”
There were several segments in the show, and all dealt with the idea that pain isn’t always what we think. At ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte, NC, patients often come in with symptoms that occur in one part of their body, but originate in a completely unrelated area.
Chiropractors have long stressed to their patients the benefits of diet on health. Dr. Stork talked to a woman in the audience that had been diagnosed with diabetes recently. Dr. Stork told her how specific dietary changes that could help her feel better and manage her disease. He focused on overall wellness. This is an issue the chiropractors at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte have focused on for years.
Earlier this year, Dr. Mancini also appeared on “Dr. Phil.” As chiropractic care continues to be featured on leading talk shows, it will continue to open up patient’s eyes to the benefits of chiropractic care for their health and overall wellness. Do you want to explore the benefits of chiropractic care? Call ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte, NC today


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