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If you walk away from an auto collision with no broken bones and repairable damage to your car, you probably do not give much thought to getting chiropractic care for whiplash. You are grateful you were wearing a seatbelt, and you move on with your busy life in Charlotte, NC. That is, until a few days later when you begin to feel the first twinges of pain, and you realize you need chiropractic care for whiplash.

Whiplash injuries often slow to appear

A whiplash injury is caused by a sudden and violent motion of the head, either backward and forward or side to side, injuring soft tissue surrounding the tiny bones in your neck. Swelling results in irritation to the nerves that branch off the spine, compromising nerve function and causing pain. Many whiplash injuries take a day or more before they become apparent, and left untreated, they can cause chronic problems such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, damage to nerves, muscles, and ligaments, and problems in the knees, arms, shoulders, and legs. Any of these symptoms could interfere with your normal daily activities, but you can jumpstart the healing process with a thorough examination by your Charlotte chiropractor.

How chiropractic care for whiplash helps

A comprehensive examination by your Charlotte chiropractor will help determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care. Accident recovery studies show that regular chiropractic care, combined with rehabilitative exercises and other drug-free treatment, is highly effective for correcting the soft tissue injuries resulting from whiplash. The caring doctors at ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte, NC use gentle spinal manipulation to restore normal mobility and function to your neck and other affected spinal segments, and they provide physiotherapy to help your muscles, tendons, and ligaments function to aid healing and help prevent further injury.

Chiropractic care offers hope for chronic pain

Chiropractic care is a safe and natural alternative to prescription pain medications or invasive surgery for whiplash injuries, as well as for the chronic low back pain that often follows a car crash. When the small bones situated in your lower back get even the tiniest bit out of position, impaired movement and nerve irritation can result, causing debilitating pain. Take heart, you do not have to suffer the results of an auto accident in silence. At ChiroCarolina® in Charlotte, NC, the caring chiropractic doctors are dedicated to helping patients find meaningful, permanent relief.

It is easy to understand how thinking about chiropractic care for whiplash takes a back seat after an auto accident. Most people have just one thing on their minds: their car. Who will fix it, how they will get around until it is repaired, and will the insurance company pay? Few ask themselves if they are okay. Whether you visit your Charlotte chiropractor right away, or wait until symptoms appear, chiropractic care for whiplash can provide relief.


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