The thyroid is a small gland located along the windpipe. Despite its size, it actually plays a huge role in cell metabolism since it is the only part of the body that can absorb iodine, which is key in creating triiodothyronine and thyroxine. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid produces less thyroid hormones needed for normal bodily functions or produces hormones that break down quickly.

People suffering from hypothyroidism report the feeling or fatigue and irritability. They also notice rapid weight gain, frequent headaches, heavy menstruation, constipation, allergic reactions and hair loss. Others also complain about slow or slurred speech.

Regular chiropractic treatment can help ease these symptoms. For one, chiropractic care can normalize hormone levels of patients with hypothyroidism. It can also address the issue of decreased immunity by strengthening the immune system and improving the patient’s allergic reactions. Gastrointestinal problems are also lessened and patients suffering from headaches are given long-term relief.

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