Can chiropractic care in Charlotte help with rib pain?

Chiropractic care in Charlotte can help to treat pain from the ribs that have been described as sharp and stabbing; this pain will also increase whenever you take a breath.

It may not shock you to hear that people are rushed to the hospital believing something serious has happened.

It is easy to recognize and understand why there is pain if you have fallen and sustained a fracture. However, suppose you have suffered any other type of pain that is not related to any significant trauma. In that case, it can be more disconcerting, and you might begin to believe that you are suffering a lung or heart problem.

You can rest easy knowing that pain in the rib is straightforward to treat and can be done by an experienced chiropractor.

Anatomy of the ribs

Your ribcage is made of 12 pairs of ribs. The first seven thoracic vertebrae in your mid-spine are connected to your first seven pairs of ribs and wrap around to pieces of cartilage that connect and attach those ribs to your breast bone. The eighth, ninth, and tenth ribs originate in the back at the eighth, ninth, and tenth thoracic vertebrae; these ribs attach in the front of your body to one common piece of cartilage that is linked to your seventh rib cartilage. Ribs 11 and 12 are known as floating ribs and are not attached in the front of your body to any cartilage.

The ribcage is somewhat flexible, and you can see this when your chest expands when you breathe in. This is because each rib has three small joints that attach the rib to your spinal column and one joint in the front of your body. These are small joints but allow for some flexing or movement, so your breathing is not impaired by your ribcage.

But the problems start when these joints become inflamed. It is impossible to avoid movement in these joints because breathing is an involuntary and necessary response. The pain can become unbearable when there is inflammation in one or several ribs.

Symptoms of rib inflammation

The symptoms of inflamed ribs can be the same for people who experience other health problems such as lung disease, heart problems, and gastrointestinal issues.

Everyone’s pain will be unique and ranges from mild to severe levels of discomfort.

The symptoms may include:

  • Pain shooting down limbs
  • Chest pain on each side of the sternum that doesn’t go away
  • Pain in the abdomen or back that radiates from the chest
  • Pain when stretching or breathing deeply

How chiropractic care in Charlotte NC can help

You can always reach out to your chiropractic care in Charlotte if you are suffering from inflamed joints in your ribs to help avoid taking prescriptions or even from having to go to the operating room. With a chiropractor’s help, it will be possible to address the root cause of inflamed rib joints, not only to treat the symptoms but also to prevent them from coming back.

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