Dr. Ali checking the patient's x-rayAre you hurt after running?

Are you hurting or injured as a result of a summer of walking, running or jogging? You are not alone because running is possibly the most popular method that we choose to burn calories and get fit. Running is so popular because it does not require expensive gym memberships or costly equipment. You simply walk out your door and start walking or running. However, running is as notorious for injuries as it is accessible. It is anticipated that nearly 70% of people who start running will end up with some sort of injury. The most common cause for running injuries falls in the category of repetitive overuse; these are injuries that develop over time because of repeated running habits. The injuries can be so subtle that they may not even cause pain or stop you from running until they are chronic problems.

Running injuries

Studies have shown that seasoned runners are just as susceptible to injuries as a newbie. The specific causes can be multiple and varied; ranging from habits in gait, to improper footwear, or training methods. Some of the most widespread running injuries and symptoms are the following:

  • Knee pain
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Problems with the hip joint

Chiropractic care for running injuries

The good news is that these types of injuries are treatable and preventable. Chiropractic care for runners focuses on both treatment and prevention. If you already have an injury, it is important to consult with the best chiropractors in Charlotte, who are familiar with all types of running injuries and who will help you to return to running as soon as possible. If you are not injured, you may be wondering how to avoid the common mistakes that may lead to injury. Your chiropractic doctor can assess your musculoskeletal system and help make suggestions that can make all the difference.

The top chiropractors in Charlotte will tell you that it is imperative to know that your body is healthy and moving well. Stiff muscles and joints will have a negative affect on your running from the outset, limiting your ability to run efficiently and safely. It is advisable that you have an evaluation of your muscle and joint health by a chiropractor before you start training. After you are confident that your body is moving properly, your chiropractic doctor can help you consider helpful guidelines for frequency, distance, and running speed that will help you have a long and healthy running experience.

A top Charlotte chiropractor

Are you looking for a Charlotte chiropractor who is passionate about providing high quality chiropractic care for patients with athletic injuries? Do not try to guess about the cause of your chronic pain. The doctors at ChiroCarolina® are experts that can successfully diagnose and treat patients in a way that is gentle, natural, and painless. They understand that every patient experience is unique; including the conditions and factors that causes workout injuries. It is time to improve your quality of life. Call their office to experience the best Charlotte chiropractor for those injured when being active.


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