Are you injured and need a chiropractorAre you injured?

If you have been hurt on the job or have been in an accident, seeking help from your local Charlotte chiropractor is often your fastest avenue to healing and recovery. Chiropractic care for injuries that affect your neuro-musculoskeltal system is typically very effective, out-performing traditional medical treatments that mask pain but fail to correct its causes. With chiropractic care, you not only experience a marked decrease in pain, but you also gain the benefits of actual healing from gentle chiropractic adjustments and other treatments that aid in the healing process.

Have you been hurt on the job?

If you have been hurt on the job, it is a good idea to make and keep a written record of everything, regardless of whether your employer is someone you trust and admire, and regardless of whether you ultimately miss work. The first thing you should do is report your injury, giving a comprehensive description of all pain, numbness, tingling, and aching that you experience. Ask your supervisor for an accident report form or other document that notes when, where, how, and why the incident took place. A written report helps your employer prevent a similar injury or illness at the workplace, and it also helps assure you get whatever medical care and compensation you need and are entitled to. Also ask your supervisor if you are required to see a designated doctor before electing to be treated by your own healthcare provider.

Talk with your Charlotte chiropractor

As soon as possible after a back injury, strain, sprain, or other indication that you have been hurt on the job, contact your Charlotte chiropractor. The longer you wait, the more damage can occur, and the longer your treatment, healing, and recovery are likely to take. Tell him or her about your job. A complete understanding of the tasks and activities you must do on a regular basis at work can greatly affect your treatment plan and whether or not you may return to work while still in recovery.

Have you been in an accident at work?

Are you injured from a work accident? If you are hurt on the job, you have a right to workers compensation, which is an insurance coverage all employers are required to provide. It is against the law for an employer to discriminate against you because you got hurt on the job and filed a claim for compensation. With a healthcare management plan that works alongside chiropractic care, workers get help as soon as the first symptoms begin, receive benefits if they are unable to work, recover faster, stay healthier, and are ultimately more productive.

Chiropractic care and workers compensation

Employers and their workers compensation insurance carriers love chiropractic care because it works. It works to relieve painful symptoms of injury, works to adjust even the tiniest spinal misalignments that can cause painful nerve irritation and other stresses, works to improve muscle and ligament function, and works to assist in healing and long-term recovery.

Are you injured? Have you been in an accident at work? If you have been hurt on the job, follow the guidelines for filing a workers compensation claim set out by your employer, and then seek help from a qualified Charlotte chiropractor. Chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC, is care you can count on when you are injured.